Introducing Runaway Ink – Etsy Shop

Hey there guys, For as long as I can remember I have always had a creative side to me. The pride in creating something by hand gives me so much satisfaction and pride. I love taking a piece of paper, some beads, a skein of wool and creating something pretty or practical out of them. I also love to recycle or upcycle, taking something unwanted and giving it new purpose. That is where my idea came to mind. In a previous life I used to design Wedding Stationery and Jewellery. One of the purchases I made was boxes of card and patterned paper. Since giving birth to my Beautiful daughter Skye, I have had to put my creative side to bed. I no longer had the time nor the energy to design and make custom pieces for a persons biggest day. Therefore and card and paper has been gathering dust at the back of my cupboard.

That was until I came across a shop by a good friend of mine Natasha at ‘Beautiful Planning’ – she was taking everyday items and making them beautiful from a simple paperclip to a Planner Dashboard.

This sparked an idea off in my head, Maybe I could make things that are super practical that a lot of people could use and would want as well as incorporating my boxes of supplies that I had spent a lot of money on. So I would like to introduce to you;

RunawayInk – Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – HardCover Hand Bound Notebooks

Each Notebook has been completely handmade from scratch. I have 3 varieties;

A6 Hardback Notebooks – These have been made up of separate ‘signatures’ that have been hand sewn and bound together, then a hard back cover has been made and covered in high quality patterned papers, coloured card inserts have been added and all been lovingly made. These are A6 in size and feature 40 pages of plain paper (80 usable sides). These are really pretty and actually something I would purchase myself.

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – Perfect Bound Notebooks

A6 Soft Cover ‘Perfect Bound’ Note books – This type of notebook is made up of individual pieces of paper folded in half, stacked together and glued down the spine. This technique is called ‘Perfect Binding’. This type of book is perfect for lists or throwaway ideas as pages can be torn out easily if needed. The cover is made of stiff card covered in beautifully patterned papers.

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – Soft Cover Notebooks

A6 Soft Cover ‘Composition’ Notebook – This notebook is the best known to me and one I have seen the mos in shops. It is made from a stack of folded papers, nestled inside one another and all sewn together down the spine. These are the most traditional notebooks and the one you throw in your handbag for those emergency notes. Again these are made with a soft cover made with stiff card covered in patterned paper.

If you are interested in taking a look at what I have to offer then please go take a look at RunawayInk – Etsy Shop  and Let me know what you think.

If you like what you see, I would implore you to go take a peek at my friends Shop Beautiful Planning  New and exciting items are being added daily, and she has a new line in store for you in the upcoming weeks, You do not want to miss that.

beautiful planning

Beautiful Planning – Etsy Shop

What are your thoughts on my New Venture, Any Comments Welcome xx


My Little Box September ‘My Little Fashion Box’

Hey guys, So the September edition of My Little Box has arrived. This month’s theme is ‘My Little Fashion Box’ in association with American Vintage, so I have high hopes for some high end fashionable products. As always the design of the box is super cute.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

My Little Box September ‘Fashion’

The first product that jumps out at you is the Beautiful Scarf by American Vintage. This is a silk scarf especially designed for My Little Box. The scarf came in two colourways – Black or Blue, I received the Black which I was a little disappointed with but realised that Black will go with any outfit which is great. The Scarf (if you could purchase it separately) would retail at 24 Euros which is more that the entire cost of the box.

The Second lifestyle product is the really cute Neo-Nail Art Decals by Alfa-K. I have never used nail decals before but these look so much fun that I may have to dedicate some time to mastering this art. These retail for 5.90 Euro.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

My Little Beauty – Red Dingue de Lui

My Little Beauty – Red Dingue De Lui – 22 Euro – (Full Size Received) – I am always happy for lip colours but this is a little bold for my liking. There’s red then there’s this, It is a deep intense blood red. It acts as a stain too, clinging to your lips for hours. One thing is that it is easily blendable so maybe i could tone it down slightly.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

La Roche-Posay – Hydreane BB Creme

La Roche-Posay – Hydreane BB Cream – £15 (Full Size Received) – This is by far my favourite product. I love BB Creams all day long and have been longing for a foundation type product in a beauty box for ages. Being a product from La Roche-Posay you know that it will care for your skin as well as the added benefit of covering your imperfections. I received the colour ‘Light’ which is just perfect for my skintone.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

Kerastase – Forme Fatale

Kerastase – Couture Styling Forme Fatale – £19.50 125ml (50ml received) – This is a styling gel that can be applied to damp hair before blow drying or to tame those defiant flyaway strands. I have been looking forward to trying this out It is a lightweight texture of golden micro-particles that nourishes your hair as well as keeping it in place.

I LOVE this months box yet again. My Little Box never seems to disappoint.

What are your thoughts on My Little Fashion Box? xxx


GlossyBox September – The Style Edition

Hey Guys, First off let me apologise for the late posting, Health issues have prevented me from being as active as I would like to be. Anyway, I wanted to share with you the September edition of GlossyBox. As you may know, Glossybox has been a little hit and miss of late, I have contemplated cancelling but instead gave them the benefit of the doubt and crossed my fingers. Lets take a look:

Glossybox September Style Edition

Glossybox September Style Edition

As you can see the box is beautiful, this month’s theme is ‘The Style Edition’. With such a strong theme I have high hopes.

Glossybox September Style Edition

Glossybox September Style Edition

BellaPierre – Shimmer Powder ‘Greige’ – £12.99 (Full Size Received) – On paper, this is great, it is a full size product that costs more than the price of the entire box but what isn’t all that great is that I have had very similar products like this before in Glossybox. One was a silver shimmer powder from BellaPierre and one was a metallic grey shimmer powder from Marsk. This claims to be a mixture of grey and beige, to me it’s just silver. Don’t get me wrong its a nice product, but I have had it before.

Marsk – Eyeshadow Brush Pro – £16.50 (Full Size Received) – Speaking of Marsk – I am sooooo happy to receive a makeup brush in my box, I am desperate for a new set and this was gladly received. The bristles are really soft, perfect for blending and creating sexy smoky eyes.

Maria Nila – Luminous Colour Hair Mask – £18.95 (Full Size Received) – This was the sneak peek from last month. I have to be honest, Hair masks don’t excite me but the more i think about it, the more my hair desperately needs it. I colour my hair and it has become dull, damaged and lifeless. This mask claims to nourish, strengthen and enhance shine so I am looking forward to trying this out.

Invisibobble – Traceless Hair Ring – £4.00 (Full Size Received) – I have had these before in a separate beauty box, My hair isn’t quite long enough to benefit from these. They are designed to tie hair back without leaving a kink or damaging your hair. They are cute but not really what I would expect as a beauty product.

B. Cosmetics – B. Sculpted Contour Kit – £10.49 (Full Size Received) – I am a huge fan of contour kits. This contains a contour/bronzing powder which to my relief is matte and a highlighting cream. I am still looking for that miracle highlighter that is a matte powder. This is a really effective contour kit that will go straight to the top of my ‘usage’ list. I have been using this daily and I am happy with it.

As you can see, Glossybox has definitely upped their game. 5 FULL SIZE products is brilliant. I am really happy this month and am excited for October’s edition which features a Full Size Tube of the Photo-Hydra Day Cream by Talika worth a whopping £25.

If You are interested in signing up to GlossyBox, Please use the Referral Code below to receive £5 toward a FREE box.


What are your thoughts on Septembers GlossyBox? xx


Giveaway! The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Blusher Palette

Hey there guys, recently I have taken a break from the blogging world, partly due family life and commitments and partly because I sort of fell out of love with blogging for a while. I was getting criticized by readers, fellow bloggers but worst of all my friends and family. I started to doubt myself and second guess every post that I wrote. Inevitably the writing dried up and I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Well those days are behind me now, I’m back and looking to throw myself into the whole blogging world once more. And to apologise to you my Faithful Readers I have an amazing Giveaway Up for Grabs.

How do you fancy winning a TheBalm How Bout Them Apples Blusher Palette? I know you do.

The Balm 'How Bout Them Apples Blusher Palette

The Balm ‘How Bout Them Apples Blusher Palette

This palette is absolutely beautiful, It consists of six creamy blushers that are highly pigmented and super velvety when applied. This palette has had rave reviews across the blogging world and you can get your hands on one for free. All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

    • To be in with a chance of winning the The Balm How Bout Them Apples Palette, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below
    • Those using multiple accounts to enter will be completely disqualified
    • There will be one winner
    • The giveaway is open to those in the UK only
    • ALL mandatory entries MUST be complete or you will be completely disqualified (Mandatory entries are the five that appear on the Rafflecopter widget before you are able to unlock any other entries.)
    • The giveaway will run from Wednesday 16th September 2015 until Wednesday 14th October 2015 12:00am GMT (One month)
    • Once the giveaway is over I will contact the winner directly via email. Once an email is sent the winner will then have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Review: Zeo Drinks All Natural Ingredients

Hey there guys, So I have a different kind of review for you today. I want to share with you my review of the New collection from the popular Soft-Drinks brand – Zeo Drinks. I am not a huge sugary fizzy drink type of person, I only turn to this when I am out for a meal etc. I enjoy carbonated drinks but am fully aware of the sugar content and the damage they are causing to my teeth. This is one of the reasons I was excited to try these drinks – They contain a low sugar content.

Zeo Drinks - All Natural Ingredients

Zeo Drinks – All Natural Ingredients

Now I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard of Zeo before until I saw them featured on a fellow blogger’s site. I was intrigued to try them so I popped them a little email. The brand has just over gone a huge re-branding and I have to say I love it. They still have the beautiful Sleek Chic Glass bottles but the branding had gone from a harsh energetic ‘Zeo’ to a more natural and organic design.

Zeo Drinks - All Natural Ingredients

Zeo Drinks – All Natural Ingredients

Zeo drinks are a premium soft-drinks brand and as part of their SS15 range they have just launched four exciting new flavours – Peach & Grapefruit, Zesty Lime, Blood Orange & Citrus and Mixed Berry.  I tried three out of the four flavours. Zeo Drinks are refreshing soft drinks with low sugar content and contain only naturally sourced ingredients and botanicals with great taste.

Zeo Drinks - All Natural Ingredients

Zeo Drinks – All Natural Ingredients

These drinks are available from Tesco, Co-Op, WHSmith, Ocado and One-Stop with RRP £1.29* (*price correct at time of posting) in the UK & Northern Ireland.

I have always had trouble with my teeth since childhood and am always looking at ways to reduce my sugar intake. I was sceptical that the low sugar content of these drinks would compromise the flavour.

Zeo Drinks - All Natural Ingredients

Zeo Drinks – All Natural Ingredients

The first flavour I tried was the Zesty Lime. I love citrusy drinks and this didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t believe how refreshing this was, It is sharp, tangy, and definitely thirst quenching. This would be perfect as a Summer BBQ drink or as a mixer in your evening cocktail.

Next was the Peach & Grapefruit. The colour is reminiscent of Rose Wine and contains a blend of ripened peaches with juicy Ruby and Red Grapefruits. The flavour of this for me was a little bland. Although I could taste the sweetness, I wasn’t a huge fan of the peachy taste.

Finally was my favourite of the three, the Blood Orange and Citrus flavour. I am a big drinker of anything orange flavour but this had a deep hearty citrus tang to it that was surprisingly satisfying. I would definitely purchase this drink again along with the Zesty Lime as a girls night in Staple. I cant wait to start mixing them with some cocktails or with a dash of vodka thrown in.

Thank you to the kind people at Zeo for allowing me to review these Products.

*PR Sample

Have You Tried the New Collection from Zeo? xxx


BirchBox September ‘Happy Birthday’ 2015

Hey guys, Its that time of the month again (No not the dreaded on you will be happy to hear), the September edition of Birchbox has just hit my doorstep and I am excited to show you what’s inside. I have seen a couple of sneak peeks and one product has definitely got me excited.  Lets take a look shall we?

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September – Inside the Bag

This month’s Theme is ‘Happy Birthday’, BirchBox are celebrating the 5th birthday and with that, Each product hails from the USA, the Birthplace of BirchBox. This month you got to choose the design of your box (not all that relevant but it is a way of keeping subscribers involved). I chose the ‘Up up and Away’ theme which as you can see is a lot of birthday balloons.

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September – Benefit License to Blot & Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil

Benefit – License to Blot – £15.50 4g (1.4g received) – This is the Product I was eager to try. I suffer with oily skin and I am still trying to find that ‘Miracle’ product that will relieve me of this. In the meantime I use blotting papers to minimise my shine. The Licence to Blot is a blotting stick, just like a lipstick/balm that you apply over your face. I have had a quick go and the results are not amazing, but definitely handy for the handbag in an emergency.

Lala & Co – Cheeky Lip Pencil – £17 4gm (1gm received) – Another lip pencil. It seems that every beauty box for the past 4 months has contained a red lip stick or pencil. I love trying out new brands but the red colours do not suit me. This on the other hand is a lovely subtle sheer red in the colour Humble Brag, If applied liberally it can be overwhelming but blended out it it a really pretty shade.

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September – Bliss Foot Patrol

Bliss – Foot Patrol – £18.50 75ml (30ml received) – Now Foot products don’t really excite me, I am not overly interested it products for my feet. Its not an area of my body that I am concerned about. This balm claims to exfoliate, cool and condition, all things that I know my feet need. It advises you to apply before bed so you can put your feet up and enjoy.

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September – Whish CC Body Cream & Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliator

Whish – CC Body Cream – £23 142ml (30ml received) – This product is actually a BONUS Product that is not classed as one of my items. I received this simply by passing the word on to 5 friends about Birchbox. This cream is a bronze shimmer that hydrates your skin and covers those nasty blemishes. A great bonus this month.

Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliant – £23.50 118ml (30ml received) – I am really excited to try this product, I have read about it online and bloggers have been raving about this blemish busting product. It claims to calm sensitive skin, reduce the oil in your skin and fight blemishes. You apply before moisturiser and leave on all day. This is one of my favourite products.

Birchbox September Happy Birthday 2015

Birchbox September- John Masters Organics Detangler and BirchBrush

John Masters Organics – Citrus Neroli Detangler – £16 236ml (30ml received) – I am honestly disappointed with the sample size of this product. A shampoo needs to be bigger. saying that, the brand is a favourite of mine. John Masters Organics produce natural products that definitely do not disappoint.

EXTRA – The BirchBrush – £5.99 – This can be purchased in the shop and was an added bonus in everyones Birchbox this month. It is a detangler that is perfect for popping in our handbag. I LOVE this product and it was such a great surprise in my Box.


If YOU are interested in subscribing to Birchbox, Use the following Referral link to receive £5 worth of credits to spend in the E-Shop.





Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie 2015

Hey Guys, its that time again, My August Birchbox has just arrived and I have to say that I am super super excited. This Months theme is #BeautyJunkie. Which is right up my street, I love cosmetics, in all shapes and sizes, so to hear that every Birchbox would contain 2 cosmetic items was perfect for me. So lets take a look.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

The first thing I love is the box, It is super cute, adorned with adorable beauty emojis. It is perfect for the summer and a box I will keep. All of my items came in the traditional Birchbox bag with a cerise drawstring.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Rituals Ayurveda Scrub

Rituals – Ayurveda Scrub – £10 150ml (70ml received) – Every Birchbox contained a product from Rituals. Mine is the Ayurveda Scrub with Indian Rose & Multani Clay. This is a Exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used everyday. I am a huge fan of exfoliators. I have naturally oily skin that peels. Rubbish combination skin. I am looking forward to trying this out. It smells amazing too.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Lord and Berry Blush in Lotus

Lord & Berry – Blush in ‘Lotus’ – £17 (Sample size received) – I am a huge fan of Lord & Berry, I have received a few items from them in previous beauty boxes and they don’t disappoint. Blusher is an essential in my makeup bag so I am happy to receive this. The colour looks dark but when swatched it is a really pretty pink/coral colour, You can build this up as needed, it feels velvety soft when applied and I will be purchasing the full size when this has done (which won’t be long as the sample size is a little small).

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Huygens Exfoliating Cream

Huygens – Exfoliating Cream – £17.90 50ml (10ml received) – Now this is a Birchbox Exclusive. This brand has never appeared in birchbox before. This is a Exfoliating cream that is gentle enough for daily use and contains rice powder particles that smoothes and purifies without irritation, perfect for sensitive skin.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo

Kebelo – Clarifying Shampoo – £13.95 250ml (50ml received) – I’m not a huge fan of receiving shampoo in my boxes as the samples are never really big enough and they don’t really excite me. Although, this sounds different. This is a deep cleansing shampoo that detoxes your hair and scalp leaving your hair feeling soft and purified. This is what my hair needs. After years of colouring and hair products my hair is damaged and dull.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

TheBalm Desert Bronzer

TheBalm – Balm Desert Bronzer – £13.95 6g (1g received) – How excited am I to receive a product form TheBalm. One of my all time favourite Brands. The Desert Bronzer is a typical bronzer that is velvety to the touch, has a hint of shimmer and does not look dark or muddy when applied. I love this product, apart from the tiny sample which could have been bigger to be fair. This is my favourite product in the box.

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie

Birchbox August #BeautyJunkie Extras

Extras!! Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Success Spot Minimizing Patches – Full Size received £2.95 – I love extras, and this is perfect for me, As a woman who still suffers with breakouts, applying these little patches that reduce redness for a smoother complexion will be a god-send.

Birchbox Emoji Stickers – well these are just cute and fun!

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BirchBox July ‘Make a Splash’ Edt 2015

Hey there guys, First off I would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have taken a break from blogging to concentrate on family life. After some fun in the sun and some quality family time I am back! And with the brand new Birchbox no less. Well I say box, this month (and for one month only apparently) Birchbox has replaced the cardboard box with a reusable plastic zip bag. The theme this month is ‘Make a Splash’ which as you can gather is all about going on your hols. So Lets take a Look

Birchbox July 2015 'Make a Splash'

Birchbox July 2015 ‘Make a Splash’

Benefit – Dream Screen – £25 45ml (6ml received) – Anything from benefit is always a winner in my eyes. This time around it is the silky matte sunscreen with a mighty SPF45!!! Apparently this is ultra moisturising and absorbs instantly. You just apply to clean, moisturised skin for instant protection. It comes in the cutest bottle (albeit a tad small for my liking) and Is a product I will definitely get a lot of use from.

Cowshed – Cowpat Moisturising Hand Cream – £8 50ml FULL SIZE received – Now hand creams aren’t really my thing I have to be honest, If I see them in boxes or gifts etc, I tend to overlook them or just pass them on. That was because I was taking them at face value, what’s to say you can’t use a Hand moisturiser on any other part of your body? Exactly, there’s no where that says you can’t, so now I was excited to receive this product from CowShed, an amazing brand in my eyes. It is strongly scented with grapefruit and coriander and absorbs in an instant.

POP Beauty – Eyeshadow Trio Peach Parfait – £15.50 x 10 shadows – Just another eyeshadow palette? Wrong! these 3 colours are beautiful and perfect for any skin tone, there is a Shimmery Champagne, a Peachy Coral and a Coppery Bronze colour. They are super super pigmented with minimal fallout. This has now become a staple in my makeup collection.

Unani – Aloe Vera Body Treatment Gel – £15 100ml (30ml received) – I wasn’t sure what to do with this at first but upon reading the descriptions online it is ultra hydrating and soothes the skin which would make it a perfect after-sun product but can also be used for blemishes, eczema and other skin irritations. I am looking forward to using this.

Soigne – Nail polish ‘Lavande’ – £11 (FULL SIZE received) – I absolutely LOVE this colour, it is a soft lilac(y) gray colour, I have been looking for a nude gray nail polish for some time now and this is perfect. The consistency is thick but spreadable and it is really quite hard wearing. The smell of the nail polish is quite strong but I can handle that.

Birchbox July 2015 'Make a Splash'

Birchbox July 2015 ‘Make a Splash’

EXTRAS – Pura Vida Bracelet Headband – £11.40 x 8 (1 received) – I love receiving little extras like this, Its not a substantial product but one I have been using quite a lot already, the lacey headband is comfortable to wear, it doesn’t drag or rip your hair out. It grips nicely and doesn’t slide off every 2 minutes.

BirchBag itself – I love this idea of the Bag, It is well made, in a bright appealing colour and the internal pocket is really handy. I can see me using it for toiletries, makeup, even putting it in my baby changing bag for essentials. I love it.

Overall I am loving Birchbox once again. the products are of a high value which makes up for the smaller sample sizes, the products are definitely ones that I would use and not just store away, I can not wait for next month.


If YOU are interested in subscribing to Birchbox, Use the following Referral link to receive £5 worth of credits to spend in the E-Shop and for July – if you subscribe using my link, You will receive a FREE BRACELET worth £19.



Review: Tranquil Earth Spa Collection Candle – Sweet Pea

Hey Guys, as most of you are aware, I am a huge fan of candles, I love the sense of pampering you feel when there is a nicely scented candle burning away on a cold dark night. I recently came across a company called Tranquil Earth, and the kindly sent me a candle to review.

Tranquil Earth Spa Collection Sweet Pea Candle

Tranquil Earth Spa Collection Sweet Pea Candle

Now if you haven’t heard of Tranquil Earth,  Tranquil Earth is a UK manufacturer and retailer of luxurious scented candles. All of their candles are handmade here in the UK, using the finest ingredients and fragrances. Their range of candles uses startling blends of captivating plant extracts and an improved form of soya wax for optimum burning time, all housed in glass containers.

The candle I received was from the Spa Collection and was in the fragrance ‘Sweet Pea‘. Now I am not generally a fan of floral scents, I am more of a sweet, fruity, citrusy type of gal but I found this to be really pleasant. I love Sweet Pea flowers in general, My mum used to have them in the garden when I was a child so this brought back memories for me. Sweet Peas smell so fresh and unsurprisingly sweet which is translated well in this candle. There is a also a delicious fruity hit within this candle, with undertones of peach and pear, I am a huge fan of anything pear scented. With 50+ hours of burn time I can see me using this throughout the summer. When lit it’s throw is beautiful and delicate not nose hurting and headache inducing like some, it fills my own albeit small flat but in a gorgeously gentle way.

The packaging is simple yet classy, I love the frosted glass votive that is elegantly printed with the company’s name, that the candle comes in, I will use this after the candle has completely burnt out to house tealights.

This Candle retails at £15 which in my opinion is a little expensive as Yankee candles are £5 more and you get an extra 100 hours of burn time. But the purposes of pampering and as a special gift, or to give a luxurious fragrance to your home, I would highly recommend this.

What are Your Thoughts on the Tranquil Earth Spa Collection?

*PR Sample


GlossyBox June ‘Festival Edit’ 2015

Hey there guys, It’s that time again, Glossybox has just dropped their latest edit onto my doorstep. I am a little apprehensive as the past 2 boxes have been a little disappointing. This months theme is ‘Festival Edit’ as it is the festival season, this collection of products is designed to get you summer ready. So let’s dive in and see what I received:

Glossybox June Festival Edit

Glossybox June Festival Edit 2015

Glossybox June Festival Edit Monu Reviving Mist

Monu Spa Reviving Mist

MONU SPA – Rosewood Reviving Mist – £11.95 100ml (30ml received) – This a skin pick-me-up, perfect for dull, stressed or tired skin. It contains a blend of essential oils including lemon, rosewood and geranium. You mist over the face after a bath or shower, after swimming or when your skin feels like it needs a freshen up. I have never tried a product like this so I am looking forward to trying this out.

Glossybox June Festival Edit Glossybox Temporary Tattoo

GlossyBox Temporary Tattoos

GLOSSYBOX – Flash Tattoos – £6.50 – Now I have seen this is pretty much every beauty subscription box around. Gold temporary tattoos. These are not something that I would normally try but I will give them a go. I am however a little disappointed that these are classed as one of the beauty products and not a bonus extra.

Glossybox June Festival Edit  halo facial wipes

Halo Facial Wipes

HALO – Facial Wipes – Travel Size £1.20 – I love Halo as a brand, they are fragrance free so perfect for sensitive skin like mine, Facial wipes are an essential item in our cosmetic arsenal but to receive a travel size pack is a tad insulting, A full size pack would have made more sense and been a lot more practical.

Glossybox June Festival Edit kueshi anticellulite booster

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster

KUESHI – Anticellulite Booster – Full Size £14.55 – This was the sneak peek from last month. This is not necessarily a product that I would go out and buy, I don’t tend to think of things like anti cellulite products, I should as I am riddled with the stuff. I don’t hydrate enough or look after the skin on my body as I do on my face. As summer is approaching fast and I want to go swimming more and wear skirts, i will use this twice daily to get the most out of this product.

Glossybox June Festival Edit essence gel polish

Essence Gel Nail Polish

ESSENCE – The Gel Nail Polish – Full Size £1.71 –  I love nail polishes but Essence is a budget brand, not the luxury that Glossybox promises. The colour is lovely. I especially like that it claims to be a Gel Polish that will last all week, I will be testing this very soon.

So as you can see, A mixed bag of products. I will use each product so That has to count for something. I will continue with Glossybox as I have had a year of good boxes and hopefully the last couple of boxes are a minor glitch.

If you are interested in signing up for Glossybox, Please Use referral link https://www.glossybox.co.uk/referal?CI=MTY2NDY0 You will gain points that you can use towards a free box!!