Review: AEOS Skincare Collection

Hey Guys, I recently received a sample from a company called AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare). I was really intrigued by the nature of this company, So I contacted them, after a small amount of communication, I received the following Kit.


Now first off, I need to mention the condition in which I received this kit, The outer box was stained, marked, drawn on and scuffed. None of the products were damaged in any way but the presentation had a lot to be desired. Secondly, I received absolutely no literature with this kit, Nothing telling me about the kit itself, the products inside, how to use them, no prices nothing! Any information I have provided following this, I have had to source myself from scrolling through pages and pages on their website. I realise that they have sent this to me free of charge as a blogger in return for a honest review, but It didn’t give me a lot of confidence in their customer service. Anyways, Lets begin with what is inside.


Gentle Cleansing Lotion – £49.99 – 75ml
“A gentle cleanser containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals to assist in the removal of makeup and impurities whilst helping to maintain the delicate moisture balance of the skin. Application with water stimulates the active ingredients from plant extracts and fruit oils”
From my experience, cleansing lotions do a great job of providing a very gentle clean. They borderline are meant to give skin a hydrating boost, versus cleaning skin thoroughly.
That said, this cleansing lotion is great when my skin is just mildly dirty and needs a brief wash, maybe when I don’t have post-workout sweat all over my facial skin.

Gentle Exfoliant – £35.98 – 30ml (10ml received)

“A gentle face exfoliant rich in seed oils and our biodynamic spelt oil which helps to nourish and hydrate the skin during the process of exfoliation, leaving the skin soft, smooth & receptive to the moisturising products to follow.
Gentle exfoliants are a big part of my daily beauty routine because my skin tends to accumulate a lot of “gunk” with constant sweaty workouts and runs outside in the heat. Having a little extra grittiness in my cleanser is something I like a prefer to use once a day.
This exfoliant is great–it does the job of getting the grime off of my skin but its too harshly abrasive. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Energizing Conditioner – £54.99 – 30ml (10ml received)

“A blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals encourage hydration and moisture, leading the skin to its natural balance without being too oily or too dry.
I would classify this product (in regards to consistency as somewhere in between a cream and a serum. It has a nice weight to it and isn’t quite as heavy as a lotion, yet it sufficiently does its job of providing moisture. I rotate using this product in place of the serum and moisturizer. I use it right after cleansing.


Enriching Moisturizer – £58.99 – 50ml (10ml received)

“A blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals – this is the final step of the AEOS Skincare Sequence to seal in all the positive benefits of hydration and penetrative moisturisation from the previous products. This light non-greasy moisturiser is absorbed quickly to help protect and hydrate the skin. Particularly beneficial for environmentally damaged, tired skin or if you are exposed to air-conditioned environments.
This moisturizer is nice for when my skin needs a little extra hydration boost. It thoroughly replenishes my skin without making my skin feel suffocated and goopy/dirty. A little dab of it will cover my entire face and neck. Great product to keep by the sink to follow with after washing.

Beauty Body Shower – £10.99 – 75ml (10ml received)

“A gentle cleansing wash for the body, containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals. Rich in rosemary, white birch and gardenia which leave the skin feeling fresh and soft.
This body wash is gentle and cleanses my skin nicely. It has the ideal richness and potency for a body wash–easy to apply and lather up and does not over dry skin.

Beauty Body Lotion – £35.98 – 75ml (10ml received)

“This moisturiser is full of nourishing organic and biodynamic oils and plant extracts to help hydrate and soothe, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
This lotion is rich and moisturizing with a pleasant, fresh scent. It leaves a lasting layer of moisture on my skin that is not goopy or sticky. It truly feels like it is nourishing and hydrating my skin. I use it everywhere except my face, where I use the serum and facial moisturizer AEOS products.


Cleansing Oil – £39.99 – 75ml (30ml received)

“An oil-based cleanser containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals, for skin that tends towards dehydration. The blend of sesame, avocado and spelt oils help in the removal of make-up and impurities for a gentle yet effective cleanse, whilst helping to maintain the delicate moisture balance of the skin. Can also be used for removing eye make-up.
I use a product like this as an “oil mask” when my skin gets dry and needs a restoration of moisture. I apply it for about 5 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
Like AEOS suggests, it is also wonderful as a makeup remover. It works best for me if applied to the area with makeup and then wiped off with cotton ball or square.

Dew Facial Wash – £39.99 – 100ml (30ml received)

“A gentle and mild cleansing wash containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals that helps to relax the skin for easier absorption of the plant extracts, whilst conditioning and hydrating oils from neroli, lemon and honey gently refresh your complexion.
I’ve never tried a facial wash spray before–its a great change of pace from the typical cleanser! This concoction does the job–my skin is clarified and clear after I wash it off.

Refreshing Hydrating Mist – £54.99 – 100ml (30ml received)

“A refreshing facial mist containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals offering a delicate and unique level of hydration, made from a carefully selected blend of fruit and flower hydrosols to refresh and balance the complexion. Spray a few times and enjoy its refreshing fragrance at the same time.
I’ve developed a recent affinity for facial mists and plant waters. They provide my skin with a mid-day mist that enables me to have fresh skin between morning and evening washes.
It smells fresh and herbaceous and helps balance my skin’s oiliness.
Love the great ingredients and the spray feature, which makes it quick and easy to spritz onto my face.

Realive Serum – £105 – 50ml (30ml received)

“A luxurious and intensive serum containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals that provide a multi-layered delivery of both hydration and moisture.
A light, pure, liquify serum that is perfect for use in the morning or evening. It isn’t super heavy on skin like some serums can be. The consistency helps it apply evenly to skin. I use it all over my face and neck–I’ll mix this product into my routine to replace my moisturizer and facial conditioner.

This is a great kit, great value for money if you compare to the full size products (the 30ml sample of the Realive Serum costs £63 alone)

This Kit can be purchased for £68 From Here 

Have you Tried the AEOS Skincare Range? xxx

*PR Sample


GlossyBox November ‘Lipstick to Lashes’

Hey there guys, So this months Glossybox has arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. This months theme is ‘lipstick to Lashes’. The idea is to pump up the drama in these cold winter months whether it is False Lashes or a New Lipstick, So you can guess two products inside the box already…. Lets take a look;

Glossybox November Lipstick to Lashes

Glossybox November Lipstick to Lashes

EyLure – Natural Lashes – £5 (Full Size Received) – Now, I have never been a huge fan of fake lashes, down to two reasons; 1. The ones I have seen in the past or have seen people wearing LOOK false, I mean they are too thick, too lonk and really do not look pretty. That aside I think lashes have come a long way recently, and 2. I have never been able to apply them successfully. I am happy to say that these lashes are beautiful, they are slim and subtle designed to enhance your own lashes not overpower them. I can not wait to give these a try.

Glossybox November Lipstick to Lashes

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon – Super Lustrous Lipstick – £7.99 (Full Size Received) – Last month all subscribers was sent an email to choose the colour we wanted in this month’s box. I chose the colour ‘Pink in the Afternoon’, which is a beautiful pink coral colour. Now I have a few lipsticks in similar shades and a part of me wishes I had chose a more daring colour but I am safe in the knowledge that I will use this regularly and It is oh so nice to apply.

Emite – Diamond Heart Primer – £25.90 (15ml Travel Size received) – Apart from the tiny size of this, what is not to love? This is a Primer that has a peachy one that balances skin tone, boosts radiance and creates a smooth finish. It is a lightweight formula that allows the skin to breathe easy and is perfect for wearing alone or under your foundation or BB Cream.

Glossybox November Lipstick to Lashes

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

MUA – Eyeshadow Palette ‘Undressed’ – £4 (Full Size Received) – Make Up Academy is one of the most loved Budget Beauty brands on the market right now. This palette is made up of beautiful shimmery pinks and neutrals perfect for the party season. This palette is perfect for all skin tones and is definitely wearable day or night. I can see myself hitting pan on a few of these shades very soon.

Royal Apothic – Body Lotion – £14.50 240g (35g Received) – I have heard great things about this brand and yet I have never had the chance to try it. This body lotion contains Lactic Acid to gently smoothes skin whilst keeping it hydrated so it will stay super soft in the chilly months. It is subtly scented so not to irritate the skin. I can’t wait to use after a hot shower.

So thats it this month guys, If you are a huge fan of Cosmetics over Skin care then this box is definitely for you.

If you would like to Subscribe and receive glossydots to use against a free box, Please use Referral Code


What are your thoughts on This Month’s GlossyBox? xxx


High-End Makeup Haul

Mac, Urban Decay, Too Faced Haul

Mac, Urban Decay, Too Faced Haul

Hey Guys, So as you probably know I am a huge fan of budget beauty products. I love the idea of getting more for your money. Spending a small fortune of a couple of items of makeup just didn’t appeal to me and nor could I justify it. Dont get me wrong, I have lusted over the big brands, eyes wide, drooling over the pretty packaging and to be honest rave reviews but I have always resisted. That was until now. For my birthday my partner asked me what I would like, as I had nothing specific I needed (I’m a simple girl), He suggested I spend it on some luxury Makeup. From that moment on I trailed the internet looking for inspiration on what to buy. When I had decided, off we trotted to the massive Shopping centre in my city;

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NW15

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NW15

The first thing I knew I wanted was the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (£25.50)(although the lady on the counter ended up giving me the Studio Fix Foundation, another trip out to swap it over I think). As soon as I started looking at the makeup I was approached and taken to one side for a colour match (NW15). Although normally I would have hated this, I found it extremely helpful and even found out why 99% of foundations I buy are too orange. I am buying the foundations for Yellow Skin tones when I have Pink tones to my skin.

MAC Pro Palette & Eyeshadow Pans

MAC Pro Palette & Eyeshadow Pans – Look at The BEAUTY of it

Next on my list was several eyeshadows by MAC. Now there is no question that MAC eyeshadows are the best out there on the market, every single beauty blogger I have come across hasn’t had a single bad word to say about these. So I watched a few (well loads) of makeup tutorials and found colours I was dying to have. The colours I chose were (£10 each);

Sketch – a Deep Burgundy/purple tone with a slight gold/silver shimmer.

Shroom – A Soft Beige with a slight Shimmer
Handwritten – a Rich matte Chocolate Brown
Satin Taupe – Taupe with a silver shimmer
Espresso – Muted Golden Brown matte – Will use this for contouring
Vanilla – Peach Ivory with reflects – will use this as a Highlight

As well as those, I obviously needed a Palette in which to put these in so I opted for the MAC Pro Palette Large/Single (£14) with the 15 Eyeshadow Insert (£2.50).

Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugar

Urban Decay Brow Box – Brown Sugar

Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugar

Urban Decay Brow Box – Brown Sugar

Next on the list was the Urban Decay Brow Box (£19.50), I just love the packaging on this, the cute Purple Metallic box houses two eyebrow powders and under them, 2 brush applicators and tweezers. A perfect product for my unruly brows.

Urban Decay Super Saturated Perversion Cream Eyeliner

Urban Decay Super Saturated Perversion Cream Eyeliner

Also from Urban Decay is the Perversion Black Cream Eyeliner (£16.50), I have recently started to get the hang of winged eyeliner and found that I can apply it much easier with a small brush. When I saw this Super Saturated Waterproof Cream eyeliner, I knew I had to have it.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The last this was something I lusted after for a few years now, I have never tried it but heard great things and that is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (£19), The packaging is girly and just a little sexy and the brush size look perfect for me. I can’t wait to use this.

I have been well and truly spoilt for my birthday (which isn’t until the 9th December) and to respect my partner for treating me so well, I am not using anything until my actual birthday. You never know, I might even post a tutorial or just a photo of a look I have created using my Birthday Haul.

What would be on your Birthday Wishlist? xxx



Products of the Month – October

Hey there guys, So as you know I have a lot of beauty box subscriptions. I try out so many products and more often than not any products that left me impressed get swallowed up in the ever increasing collection. I just wanted to share with you 3 products that have really stood out for me in the last month.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois – Healthy Mix Foundation – I don’t tend to buy foundations all that often, They seem to last me such a long time that I either receive samples through the post to use or I might receive one in a Beauty Box. My last Foundation was the Loreal 24hr Colourstay for Oily Skin. This was a great coverage foundation but the formula was really really thick and if not blended thoroughly (which was very difficult to do) would cake on the skin. When this ended I purchased the Bourjois Healthy Skin Foundation in the colour Light Vanilla. I have heard bloggers rave about this foundation and I have seen Youtubers review this time and time again. Now I know I’m a little late in the game but I have to say this foundation really impressed me. The formula is thick enough for a great even coverage but light enough that it can be blended very easily leaving you completely streak free. It is my new favourite. Oh, and did I mention the smell? It smells of summer fruits, divine!

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream

Talika – Photo Hydra Day Cream – I received this in a recent Beauty Box. Now I have a love-hate relationship with moisturisers. I have dry flaky skin that is also extremely oily. I struggle to find the right balance of moisture without oil. This Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream is very close to being perfect. It has a gel like consistency that absorbs very quickly into the skin without an oily residue. The perfect base upon which to apply my foundation.

Lord & Berry Blush Lotus

Lord & Berry Blush Lotus

Lord and Berry – Blush ‘Lotus’ – I think I have sang the praises of this blusher once before when I opened up my Birchbox. I just adore it. This blush has a silky texture and comes in a pressed powder form. It blends beautifully onto the skin. The shade ‘Lotus’ is a warm pink, suitable for all skin types and perfect for autumn. I have since purchased 3 more of these travel size pans (they fit perfectly into the MAC Pro Palette).

So there you have it. What Products have Impressed You this Month? xxx


My Little ‘Creative’ Box October

Hey there guys, so Octobers My Little Box is in association with Pinterest and is a ‘Creative’ Theme. Being an uber-Creative person I was super psyched about this box arriving. My imagination ran away with me and I was dreaming of all of the things that could be contained in this little beauty box.

My Little 'Creative' Box October

My Little ‘Creative’ Box October

As you can see the cover has been inspired by Pinterest, a huge mood board of inspiration.

My Little 'Creative' Box October

My Little ‘Creative’ Box October

My Little Beauty – Creme de Minuit – £15 (full size received) – This is a skin saviour that is to be used overnight. Shea Butter and Wheat Proteins soothe and nourish the skin while cranberry oil and spirulina give it a much needed oxygen boost. Tired dull skin will be a thing of the past if this cream lives up to its claim. I am saving this for the colder months when my skin will definitely need this.

Baija – Hydrating Cream – £12.90 75ml – This is a body cream with real hydrating power. It contains cupuacu and shea butters, coconut oil, beeswax and jojoba. The perfect combination so soothe and protect delicate skin in the winter months.

Loved by Sarah Lavoine – Nail Polish – £6.50 (Full Size Received) – This nail polish is just beautiful, It has to be one of my favourite shades of all time. It has a quick drying formula that offers a perfect coverage. I can see this being my Go-to nail polish over the autumn season.

Lifestyle Products

Wire-Wrap Beads – £6.60 – these are fun little beads that clip on to Charger wires or headphones to ‘bling’ them up a little, I think these are really cute and will be adding them immediately.

Tote Bag – £15 – from previews I saw quite a few different variations in peoples boxes of this bag, I am thrilled that I received this Town illustrated bag by the designer Kanako. It is simply beautiful and on the opposite side is the quote in bold ‘Collect Moments not Things’ – very deep. I will use this daily.

I love the mixture of beauty products and lifestyle products My Little Box offers. I think I get more excited for the Lifestyle products as they offer something different to all of the other beauty subscriptions.

What are your thoughts on October’s My Little Box? xxx


GlossyBox October – ‘Autumn Spell’

Hi Guys I have had a flurry of beauty boxes dropping on my doorstep, I had 3 in 3 days so I apologise for the cluster of unboxings so close together. This month’s Glossybox has an Autumn Theme designed to take care of your skin as the colder months draw in. As you know, Glossybox has been a little hit and miss recently and I am always a little hesitant when I receive them but This month there is no disappointment to share. Lets Take a look;

GlossyBox October 'Autumn Spell'

GlossyBox October ‘Autumn Spell’

GlossyBox October 'Autumn Spell'

GlossyBox October ‘Autumn Spell’

So Susan – Haute Light Highlighting Pencil – £15 (Full Size received) – This is a peachy hues creamy crayon that can be used along the inner rim of the eye to make them pop or as a highlighter on your cheekbones. The finish is matte which is perfect for me. I have received products from So Susan in the past, The packaging is always fun and radiates quality as well as the products themselves delivering the goods.

Talika – Photo-Hydra Day – £24.85 (Full Size received) – This was the sneak peek from last month and to be honest I wasn’t all that excited with it, I just assumed it was yet another moisturiser that I can add to my stockpile, But I was wrong. As well as being a moisturiser it can be used as a primer  that leaves your complexion smoothed and hydrated as well as visibly plumped. I can’t wait to try this out and see if it lives up to what it claims.

Nicka K – Airbrush Blending Sponge – £6.50 (Full Size received) – I am a huge fan of using sponges to apply foundation and concealer, They provide a seamless streak free coverage and you actually use less product which is a bonus. The dome shape allows to you get into and the nooks around your nose to ensure a full coverage. One of my favourite items in the box.

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara – £17.95 (Full Size received) – I love Jelly Pong Pong, They never seem to disappoint in my eyes. This mascara claims to continuously curl your lashes throughout the day – That is a huge claim, I am looking forward to trying this out once my currently mascara has run out.

Lanolips – Golden Ointment Dry Skin Salve – £17.99 (Full Size received) – Lanolips is a long time trusted brand that everybody loves. This Skin Salve contains medical grade Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E Which quickly and effectively nourish the driest of skin. Perfect for the Winter Months.

This has been one of the Best GlossyBoxes that I have received to date. I will use every product in this box and to receive 5 FULL SIZE PRODUCTS worth over £82 is just pure amazing. If you would like to signup and receive this Amazing Box, please use the referral link below to receive ‘Glossydots’ to spend towards a future box.


What are your thoughts on October’s GlossyBox? xxx


BirchBox October ‘Stylist Edition’

Hey there guys, Its that time of the month again, Birchbox has landed and I wanted to share with you what is inside. For this month’s box you could choose between two curated editions. One was a ‘Back to Basics’ theme and the other was the ‘Stylist Edition’. For me, the Stylist edition was more up my street as there was a few products I was more likely to use. This box was Curated by the guest Editor Joanna McGarry. Lets take a look;


As you can see the box is absolutely beautiful and I think it is one of my favourites to date. This is one box I will definitely be keeping.

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Glaze

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze – £19 (Full Size received) – This was the item I was most looking forward to in the box. It contains Cocoa butter and avocado to nourish your lips and real fruit pigments that leave a beautiful matte/ sheer burst of colour to the lips. It smells wonderful too.

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – BioDerma Sensibo H20

Bioderma – Sensibo H20 – £10.20 250ml (20ml received) – I have heard amazing things about this. This is the original Parisian Micellar Water used to clean skin without irritation. All you do is add a few drops to cotton wool and sweep across skin to cleanse. The only thing that I don’t like is the sample size, It works out at less that £1 worth of product which is a little disappointing.

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – Parlor Smoothing BlowOut Spray

PARLOR – Smoothing Blow Out Spray – £17 147ml (30ml received) – I recently received a Product from this brand in a previous box, and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed. I have smelled it and the scent is lovely, the texture seems fine I just haven’t had chance to try it out yet, I don’t generally use Hair dryers as they really dry out my hair and I try to use as little heat as possible. This claims to be a heat protector as well as managing frizz so I may be tempted to dig out the hair dryer.

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel

Rituals – Yogi Foaming Shower Gel – £8.50 200ml (50ml received) – This is a brand that I have come to absolutely love, The scents are amazing and they leave your skin beautifully soft. I love the foaming sensation of this, A tiny amount results in such a foamy wash its brilliant.

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – When Travelsheet Mask

When – Travelmate Sheet Mask – £25 pack of 4 (1 received) – This is a sheet mask (well duh) that claims to lock in skin’s moisture and rejuvenate tired skin. I am looking forward to using this as £25 is quite expensive for 4 masks so I have high expectations.

Beauty Bonus

BirchBox October - Stylist Edition

BirchBox October – Stylist Edition – No7 English Laundry

English Laundry – No7 Signature for Her – |£60 50ml – 2ml received – I love a good beauty bonus although this scent isn’t quite for me. It has notes of Cotton, rose geranium and creamy white flowers which are all great but is is mixed with musk which I can not stand. I will be passing this on to my sister who absolutely loves this scent.

All in all this month is a great box, Birchbox never seems to disappoint in my eyes. I love the discovery of new brands as well as receiving products from brand I know and love.

If YOU are interested in signing up for Birchbox and would like £5 to spend in the online shop, Please use the referral link below for some great benefits.


What are your thoughts on October’s Birchbox? xxx


Introducing Runaway Ink – Etsy Shop

Hey there guys, For as long as I can remember I have always had a creative side to me. The pride in creating something by hand gives me so much satisfaction and pride. I love taking a piece of paper, some beads, a skein of wool and creating something pretty or practical out of them. I also love to recycle or upcycle, taking something unwanted and giving it new purpose. That is where my idea came to mind. In a previous life I used to design Wedding Stationery and Jewellery. One of the purchases I made was boxes of card and patterned paper. Since giving birth to my Beautiful daughter Skye, I have had to put my creative side to bed. I no longer had the time nor the energy to design and make custom pieces for a persons biggest day. Therefore and card and paper has been gathering dust at the back of my cupboard.

That was until I came across a shop by a good friend of mine Natasha at ‘Beautiful Planning’ – she was taking everyday items and making them beautiful from a simple paperclip to a Planner Dashboard.

This sparked an idea off in my head, Maybe I could make things that are super practical that a lot of people could use and would want as well as incorporating my boxes of supplies that I had spent a lot of money on. So I would like to introduce to you;

RunawayInk – Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – HardCover Hand Bound Notebooks

Each Notebook has been completely handmade from scratch. I have 3 varieties;

A6 Hardback Notebooks – These have been made up of separate ‘signatures’ that have been hand sewn and bound together, then a hard back cover has been made and covered in high quality patterned papers, coloured card inserts have been added and all been lovingly made. These are A6 in size and feature 40 pages of plain paper (80 usable sides). These are really pretty and actually something I would purchase myself.

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – Perfect Bound Notebooks

A6 Soft Cover ‘Perfect Bound’ Note books – This type of notebook is made up of individual pieces of paper folded in half, stacked together and glued down the spine. This technique is called ‘Perfect Binding’. This type of book is perfect for lists or throwaway ideas as pages can be torn out easily if needed. The cover is made of stiff card covered in beautifully patterned papers.

RunawayInk Etsy Shop

RunawayInk Etsy Shop – Soft Cover Notebooks

A6 Soft Cover ‘Composition’ Notebook – This notebook is the best known to me and one I have seen the mos in shops. It is made from a stack of folded papers, nestled inside one another and all sewn together down the spine. These are the most traditional notebooks and the one you throw in your handbag for those emergency notes. Again these are made with a soft cover made with stiff card covered in patterned paper.

If you are interested in taking a look at what I have to offer then please go take a look at RunawayInk – Etsy Shop  and Let me know what you think.

If you like what you see, I would implore you to go take a peek at my friends Shop Beautiful Planning  New and exciting items are being added daily, and she has a new line in store for you in the upcoming weeks, You do not want to miss that.

beautiful planning

Beautiful Planning – Etsy Shop

What are your thoughts on my New Venture, Any Comments Welcome xx


My Little Box September ‘My Little Fashion Box’

Hey guys, So the September edition of My Little Box has arrived. This month’s theme is ‘My Little Fashion Box’ in association with American Vintage, so I have high hopes for some high end fashionable products. As always the design of the box is super cute.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

My Little Box September ‘Fashion’

The first product that jumps out at you is the Beautiful Scarf by American Vintage. This is a silk scarf especially designed for My Little Box. The scarf came in two colourways – Black or Blue, I received the Black which I was a little disappointed with but realised that Black will go with any outfit which is great. The Scarf (if you could purchase it separately) would retail at 24 Euros which is more that the entire cost of the box.

The Second lifestyle product is the really cute Neo-Nail Art Decals by Alfa-K. I have never used nail decals before but these look so much fun that I may have to dedicate some time to mastering this art. These retail for 5.90 Euro.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

My Little Beauty – Red Dingue de Lui

My Little Beauty – Red Dingue De Lui – 22 Euro – (Full Size Received) – I am always happy for lip colours but this is a little bold for my liking. There’s red then there’s this, It is a deep intense blood red. It acts as a stain too, clinging to your lips for hours. One thing is that it is easily blendable so maybe i could tone it down slightly.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

La Roche-Posay – Hydreane BB Creme

La Roche-Posay – Hydreane BB Cream – £15 (Full Size Received) – This is by far my favourite product. I love BB Creams all day long and have been longing for a foundation type product in a beauty box for ages. Being a product from La Roche-Posay you know that it will care for your skin as well as the added benefit of covering your imperfections. I received the colour ‘Light’ which is just perfect for my skintone.

My Little Box September 'Fashion'

Kerastase – Forme Fatale

Kerastase – Couture Styling Forme Fatale – £19.50 125ml (50ml received) – This is a styling gel that can be applied to damp hair before blow drying or to tame those defiant flyaway strands. I have been looking forward to trying this out It is a lightweight texture of golden micro-particles that nourishes your hair as well as keeping it in place.

I LOVE this months box yet again. My Little Box never seems to disappoint.

What are your thoughts on My Little Fashion Box? xxx


GlossyBox September – The Style Edition

Hey Guys, First off let me apologise for the late posting, Health issues have prevented me from being as active as I would like to be. Anyway, I wanted to share with you the September edition of GlossyBox. As you may know, Glossybox has been a little hit and miss of late, I have contemplated cancelling but instead gave them the benefit of the doubt and crossed my fingers. Lets take a look:

Glossybox September Style Edition

Glossybox September Style Edition

As you can see the box is beautiful, this month’s theme is ‘The Style Edition’. With such a strong theme I have high hopes.

Glossybox September Style Edition

Glossybox September Style Edition

BellaPierre – Shimmer Powder ‘Greige’ – £12.99 (Full Size Received) – On paper, this is great, it is a full size product that costs more than the price of the entire box but what isn’t all that great is that I have had very similar products like this before in Glossybox. One was a silver shimmer powder from BellaPierre and one was a metallic grey shimmer powder from Marsk. This claims to be a mixture of grey and beige, to me it’s just silver. Don’t get me wrong its a nice product, but I have had it before.

Marsk – Eyeshadow Brush Pro – £16.50 (Full Size Received) – Speaking of Marsk – I am sooooo happy to receive a makeup brush in my box, I am desperate for a new set and this was gladly received. The bristles are really soft, perfect for blending and creating sexy smoky eyes.

Maria Nila – Luminous Colour Hair Mask – £18.95 (Full Size Received) – This was the sneak peek from last month. I have to be honest, Hair masks don’t excite me but the more i think about it, the more my hair desperately needs it. I colour my hair and it has become dull, damaged and lifeless. This mask claims to nourish, strengthen and enhance shine so I am looking forward to trying this out.

Invisibobble – Traceless Hair Ring – £4.00 (Full Size Received) – I have had these before in a separate beauty box, My hair isn’t quite long enough to benefit from these. They are designed to tie hair back without leaving a kink or damaging your hair. They are cute but not really what I would expect as a beauty product.

B. Cosmetics – B. Sculpted Contour Kit – £10.49 (Full Size Received) – I am a huge fan of contour kits. This contains a contour/bronzing powder which to my relief is matte and a highlighting cream. I am still looking for that miracle highlighter that is a matte powder. This is a really effective contour kit that will go straight to the top of my ‘usage’ list. I have been using this daily and I am happy with it.

As you can see, Glossybox has definitely upped their game. 5 FULL SIZE products is brilliant. I am really happy this month and am excited for October’s edition which features a Full Size Tube of the Photo-Hydra Day Cream by Talika worth a whopping £25.

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What are your thoughts on Septembers GlossyBox? xx