Giveaway!! Rock Inspired Jewellery Bundle

Hey there guys. I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support. I have an increasing amount of followers and to thank you all I have created another little giveaway. With summer just around the corner, How would you like to get your hands on some Rock Inspired Jewellery, Perfect for those Maxi Dresses and Shorts.


To win the chunky dress jewellery as pictured above, all you have to do is follow the Instructions via rafflecopter below. The more you share the more people visit my blog and the more giveaways I will be able to do.

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Review: Makeup Revolution Blush Palette

Makeup Revolution is a brand I have completely fallen in love with. I personally like the whole copycat aspect on which their brand was built on, that you have a dupe for the more expensive branded products. One thing’s for sure, Their blushes are to die for and currently, I’m obsessing over the new Sugar & Spice palette.

Makeup revolution Blush Palette - Sugar & Spice

Makeup revolution Blush Palette – Sugar & Spice


Sugar & Spice Blush & Contour Palette contains eight powder products with a satin to matte finish. They are smooth, easy to blend and extremely pigmented, so you have to be very light-handed when working with them. Trust me, you can quickly turn yourself into a clown if your brush picks up too much product.

Makeup revolution Blush Palette - Sugar & Spice

Makeup revolution Blush Palette – Sugar & Spice


The two top left shades are supposed to be contour powders, but I would never use them for contouring. They have a slight pink undertone, so I think are better off being used as blushes. I personally like to mix them with the ‘coraly’ pink shade that can also be found in this palette (second right on the bottom), and the result on the cheeks is just stunning.

Makeup revolution Blush Palette - Sugar & Spice Swatches

Makeup revolution Blush Palette – Sugar & Spice Swatches


Then there are two baked, shimmery powders, which can be found on the right side of the palette. The top one is a highlighter with a purple undertone, and the bottom, a shimmery pink blush. Again, I use these for different purposes – as eye shadows – since I prefer to use pure ‘white’ highlighters on my face and don’t really wear heavily shimmered shades as a blush. I tend to stay away from shimmery creams and powders as my skin is oily and already shimmers (especially when I don’t want it to)

Last but not least, the palette includes four pink blushes, ranging from deep to hot pink shades, and as mentioned, there’s also a gorgeous corali-ish pink shade thrown into the mix, which I absolutely adore! Hands down my favourite shade from the palette. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past month.

If there’s only one Makeup Revolution product you’ll be getting, get this palette. The quality of the blushes is amazing, and the packaging doesn’t disappoint either. It doesn’t look or feel cheap. For six pounds, it’s an absolute bargain!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette? What are your Thoughts?


Review: Argan Dew Hair Care

Believe it or not, despite all the hype I’d never actually tried any argan oil products on my hair, so I jumped at the chance to try out some haircare from Argan Dew. Argan Dew were kind enough to send me samples of their Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair Treatment*, and their Replenishing Hair Mask*, both of which I’m really impressed by!

Argan Dew Hair Mask and Oil

Argan Dew Hair Mask and Oil


Firstly, you know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging – look at that gorgeous colourful print! These are some fancy samples… Also, apologies for the lack of pictures of the actual products in this post. Because of the fiddly sachets, I only opened them when I was actually using them, and I’m not going to take my camera in the shower!

I tried the Replenishing Hair Mask first of all, and applied it instead of my regular conditioner, leaving it on for 5 minutes while I basked in having a decent power shower while I still could (only a shower over the bath in college). Then I rinsed it out and left my hair to dry naturally. The mask is quite thick, but not the thickest mask I’ve ever seen – it rubbed in really easily, and in one 10ml sachet there was enough to cover my hair from my ears downwards. Although it didn’t cover my hair totally, masks on roots is a recipe for greasiness, so that’s fine!

Argan Dew Hair Mask and Oil

Argan Dew Hair Mask and Oil


When my hair was dry, I was worried that it looked a bit, well, rubbish, because it had dried into half-hearted ringlets, which usually means a product is too heavy for me. I gave it a good brush, though, and it turned into the silkiest, sleekest wavy hair I’ve had in a long time – so this mask gets a huge thumbs up from me! A full-size (250ml) pot of this mask costs $44, which is around £26. Not unreasonable for a good quality hair treatment, and a little goes a long way.

The Miraculous Argan Oil Daily Hair Treatment is essentially a hair oil – Argan Dew recommends using it in wet hair, which does leave you with shiny, tangle-free locks, but it also works really well as a frizz-tamer on dry hair, if used sparingly. I used around half this 3.5ml sachet on wet hair, and a tiny little drop on dry hair. The sachets of oil are a little fiddly to store, since you use so little, but obviously that wouldn’t be a problem with a full-sized bottle. 100ml of this will set you back $39 (around £23), and is bound to last for ever!

Both of these products smell really good, kind of sweet and nutty – the fragrance doesn’t translate to your hair exactly, it just smells really clean and fresh, which is great. Best of all, these products are really good for your hair – no SLS/SLES or parabens, and they’re cruelty free! Shipping is pretty expensive, but since Argan Dew is based in Israel, it’s not extortionate, and their delivery is really fast.

Do you use argan oil products? What’s the best you’ve tried?

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My Little Box April 2015 ‘Dream’

Hey there guys, I have been looking forward to this moment ever since March’s My Little Box landed on my doormat. This box is a unique combination of home/household products and beauty products. This months theme is ‘Dream’ and this box doesn’t disappoint.

My Little Box April - Dream

My Little Box April – Dream


My Little Box – Hair Repairing Mask – Full Size 100ml £7 – Now this is much needed in my life especially in the upcoming hot weather. It contains refined walnut oil and Shea butter to give dry and damaged hair a real boost. I am loving the My Little Beauty Brand and am looking forward to trying this out.

Cowshed – Invigorating Body Lotion – Full Size 100ml £18 – This is brand that I have heard of but could never afford. It is packed with natural ingredients and sinks into the skin. Containing Lemongrass essential oil, ginger and shea butter, it gives your skin a kick whilst keeping is smooth and silky.

Loved by Lou Lesage – Lip Balm ‘Velour Rouge’ – Full Size £8 – This is a red tinted lip balm enriched with a moisturising power and gives your lips a subtle tint without leaving them dry. I was a little dubious when I looked at the intensity of the red but it is a really sheer red tint that is perfect for my lips.

Now for the household products. First is the ‘Stamped With Love’ Stamp containing 12 various sayings and phrases in both english and french, this came with a little ink pad as well which was handy. Being a crafter myself this was ideal. If you are not a crafter, it is something that you could use at the end of a letter, on gifts, of to pass on to a child or school. Either way I love it – Retails at £8

The second item is a really cute necklace by Delphine Pariente with the phrase ‘Bonne Etoile’ (Lucky Star) stamped onto the front. It is a simple understated necklace with a disc pendant on a coral coloured cord. I love this, it is very me, I prefer understated jewellery and this will became my go-to item from now on – Retails at £20

Yet again My Little Box hasn’t disappointed and I am so excited for my next box already.

What are your thoughts on Aprils My Little Box? xx


Review: I Mune Nurture Drinks

Hey there guys, I was recently accepted on a campaign to test the I Mune Nurture drinks For my Daughter to try. As a new mum, I am constantly concerned if she is getting enough vitamins and nutrients in her diet. As children grow their taste buds start to develop and certain foods will come in and out of their diet be it good or bad. No matter what she eats I want to keep her immune system high as at her age (16 months old) she is susceptible to minor colds and infections, and even though it is healthy to allow them to become ill (if that makes sense) you want to keep them strong enough to fight it off.

I Mune Nurture Drinks

I Mune Nurture Drinks


I Mune Nurture drinks are a 100% natural drink with no artificial sugars or preservatives. They have even been scientifically proven to boost a child’s immune system. They are jam packed with vitamins and minerals so you can rest assured that your child is consuming all the good stuff they need to grow up healthy.

The brightly coloured packaging is very appealing to children, the clear graphic and branding make them seem playful and my daughter enjoyed playing with the squidgy pouch before she even tasted it. One of the perks of the pouches which was a real bonus in my eyes is that they are completely spill proof. You can take the lid off and turn it upside down and nothing, you can even squeeze it and nothing comes out. This is a genius invention, one I am glad for as my daughter thinks it is funny to drench herself and watch our reactions.

I Mune Nurture Drinks

Skye Enjoying Her Drinks


Now I tried my daughter with the Cherry and Strawberry flavour as she is a huge fan of strawberries and I knew this would go down well. She struggled at first with drinking it as you have to push the top down whilst drinking it in order to release the liquid. With a little help, she drank the entire thing fairly quickly. I had a little taste (whilst figuring out how to drink it) and i found it to have a lot more flavour than I was expecting. As it is classed as a ‘fruity water’ 50% water 50% juice, i was pleasantly surprised by the strong flavour.

The day after we tried the Pineapple flavour. Skye loves anything citrus flavoured so I knew this would be a hit. Again the pouch emptied very quickly and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Now these pouches retail at £1.99 for 4 pouches, less than 50p a pouch and they contain the same amount of liquid as a Fruit Shoot so you really are getting value for money as well as all that added goodness.

I Mune Nurture Drinks

I Mune Nurture Drinks


The science behind the drink is impressive – I have read into the ingredients in the drinks and I think its amazing. There has never been anything like this before, and I am really excited to be able to try it. Wellmune WGP has been proven to strengthen the cells within your body which help keep you healthy….Please read about it yourself by visiting http://www.wellmune.com/research/. This along with Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D and Zinc which help to keep the normal function of the immune system going are what makes this drink so great.

I have already purchased 2 packs of these as my daughter enjoys them and they are really healthy for her, especially in the summer time. Thank you to I Mune for allowing me to review these.

Have you tried I Mune Nurture drinks before?

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GlossyBox April Review – ‘HollyWood Glamour’

Hey guys, so…. I was really looking forward to this months GlossyBox. There was a huge amount of hype about it on the Glossybox Facebook page of which I follow. When you think of HollyWood Glamour, you think of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett O’Hara etc, so my Expectations were high. Lets see if it lived up to it…

GlossyBox April 2015 - Hollywood Glamour

GlossyBox April 2015 – Hollywood Glamour


Lord & Berry – Lipstick Pencil ‘Kiss’ – Full size £10 – This was the ‘sneak peek’ in the March Glossybox. Now I am not a huge fan of the deep red lip as I feel it doesn’t suit my skin tone at all, maybe I just haven’t learned how to rock it yet. This gives a matte lip effect and the pencil is really pigmented. This does live up to the Hollywood Glam look as I always picture big glossy hair and deep red lips. I will persevere with this and learn how to wear it with pride.

Astral Original – Face and body Moisturiser – 50ml Full size 200ml £3.89 – Well what can I say?! I know that you can buy the full size pot of this in poundland. This by no means is glamorous in any which way. I remember my nan using this when I was a child. I am hugely disappointed in this item. I will not be using it.

POP Beauty – Kajal Eyeliner Pen – Full size £6.50 – this is a deeply pigmented khol eyeliner with a sponge blender at the opposite end. I have no complaints about this product, it is definitely usable and a staple in my make-up collection but as far as Hollywood Glam goes – No, it isn’t. It is more of a budget beauty brand. In any other themed box this would have been fine.

Color Club – Barely There Nail Polish – Full Size £4.10 – Now I know this will be a controversial colour as some will love it some will hate it. Personally I like it, I like the nude tone and I am a fan of the Color Club brand but again it is a budget brand.

IDC – Body Lotion ‘Warm Lavender’ – Full Size 100ml £3.59 – This was the biggest shock for me, One because of the poor cheap brand and secondly because of the Lavender scent – I am allergic!!! I have made glossybox aware of this in my profile and questionnaire, I can’t use this. It reminds me of the cheap Christmassy gift sets you can buy. I wish they didn’t even include this.

Overall I have to say that I hate this box. I have been subscribed for over a year now and I have loved every box but this one has completely missed the mark. The hype around the Hollywood Glamour tainted our expectations before we even received the box, we were all expecting that little bit more. I am really hoping next months box is a little better or I can see quite a few people unsubscribing.

What were your thoughts on this Months Glossybox?


Review: The Body Jewellery Shop Stud Earrings

A girl can never have too many earrings in my book, and studs are incredibly easy and elegant to wear. Perfect for everyday style, a pair of pretty stud earrings just add the finishing touch to an outfit, adding a pop of colour and sense of luxury no matter the time of day.

I was kindly sent these 3 sets of crystal studs by the generous people at The Body Jewellery Shop.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Studs

The Body Jewellery Shop specialises in Body Jewellery (no surprises) from a simple Stud Earrings to Tunnels and Plugs to Threaders and Nipple Accessories and stocks an impressive 12,000 items.

I was able to choose from a selection on offer, items that were suitable for me. Apart from my navel (no navel products were available), I only have my ear pierced so I opted for these 3 beautiful Stud Earrings.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Studs

The first Pair that caught my eye was these Pink Glitter Domed Studs. These earrings are incredibly girly and cute and I could not resist. Made from stainless steel ensures that they won’t irritate your piercing. I love how these catch the light and sparkle as if they have a life of their own. The domed shape adds a 3d effect to them allowing them to catch the sunlight in any direction. I would pair these with a little LBD (little black dress) or a truly girly outfit.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Studs

The second pair is a pair of 925 Sterling Silver Blue Heart Studs. I just adore the colour of these, I am a bit of a tomboy at heart and love the colour blue so the combination of colour and feminine heart shape is beautiful. The heart has a faceted shape allowing it to sparkle and catch the light, although, in my personal opinion it could have done with being polished a little more, the pair I received were a little on the dull side which let the overall effect down a tad. But nonetheless they are still really beautiful and I could pair these with Jeans and a white top with neutral/natural brown makeup.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Studs

The last pair are by far the cutest. These are the Pink Jewelled Square Studs. Again these are 925 Sterling Silver which is amazing for the tiny price tag. You really do feel like you are getting more for your money with this jewellery. These pink studs are highly faceted and look like genuine crystal. For such a small earring they sparkle like a more expensive piece of jewellery. They twinkle so beautifully in the light and can easily accessorise your summer look. I would pair this with pastel/coral tone makeup and a beautiful maxi dress.

The Body Jewellery Shop Earring Studs

Each of these pairs of earrings cost an incredible £1.99. That’s it! Less than a cup of coffee or a sandwich at lunch. That to me is amazing value, and with so many other designs available in stock, The Body Jewellery Shop is a must for anyone looking to purchase any form of pierced jewellery this Summer.

Have you tried products from The Body Jewellery Shop?

What do you think? Xxx

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Life after a Miscarriage…

People keep telling me that I’m moody, that I need to ‘Pick myself up’ or that I’m not a nice person to be around because I hardly smile. The truth is at this moment in time it is very hard to muster a smile when I have experienced the most traumatic experience of my life. I have just lost a baby. Nobody knew I was pregnant.
Yet I have to suffer in silence. Through the years I have been taught to speak about your problems and not repress them, but that is a difficult thing to do whenever you mention anything, patronizing lines are spout like “It happens everyday, don’t get hung up on it” (Can you imagine saying that to someone who had lost a parent or a grandparent?!) or “It’s not even classed as a baby yet” and “you hardly even knew you were pregnant”.
I was 7 weeks gone when this tragedy happened. I had known for 6 of those weeks. That is 42 days of waking up with the anticipation of things to come, 42 days of running thoughts and wishes through my mind. Picking out outfits and Nursery furniture, online window shopping. No one understands that as soon as a woman finds out she is pregnant She is already in mother-mode. Her entire mind-set changes and she accepts she will be a mother.
When I was 21, I was told (after a very traumatizing incident) That I was infertile, My eggs were severely damaged and I had very little chance of EVER conceiving naturally. So 6 years on, Imagine my surprise when I fell pregnant with my beautiful Daughter Skye. She is healthy and as happy as can be. She is my little miracle. But what hurts, is when I told people I had lost my second baby, they returned with “Well think yourself lucky you have Skye” and “concentrate on what you already have and not mourn (or moan) about what you don’t!”
Do people realise the callousness of the things that they say? Implying that I don’t appreciate my daughter. They have no idea. Until you have been told and accepted for many years that you will never have children to then fall pregnant naturally, you have no understanding of how blessed you are or feel. But it doesn’t take the pain away from losing my second baby. I feel like I have failed.
There are no funerals, no memorials. You don’t get sympathy cards or bereavement time. Instead routines go on and you are expected to carry on regardless.
In fact, the only tradition we have regarding miscarriage is that you’re not supposed to talk about it. We expect grieving couples (or a grieving Mum in this case) to ‘buck up’ and pretend that that little life never existed in the first place.
The fact is it did, and I knew that it was there. Then it wasn’t…
I don’t blame society for being so callous about pregnancy loss. If nobody ever tells people about how much it hurt how are people supposed to know how big of a deal miscarriage is. As with so many unspoken about topics, perhaps the answer is to be more open. Stop pretending that if we ignore miscarriage then it won’t hurt.

The only thing worse than losing something that meant the world to you, is pretending that you lost nothing.

Have you suffered a Miscarriage? Read Here


Review: Powder Scarf ‘Pippa’

I was very kindly sent this Scarf for review and I was able to choose the item – however this does not affect my opinion of the brand/product. Powder was co-founded by Lisa Beaumont and Lucas Nicholls in 2009. With 45 years experience of design and branding knowledge between them they set out to create a new brand of fashion accessories! The powder philosophy is to create unique designs that brighten your day! To create scarves and designs that are loveable, offer the highest quality design and value, create the perfect gift and to give the customer the best possible service – what more could you ask for!

Powder Scarf - Pippa

Powder Scarf – Pippa

I have the *Powder Pippa Scarf which is from the ‘Cosy’ collection. I picked this particular Scarf as I do not have anything like it – it looks so unique. I love the Soft grey and Red combination! I would wear this scarf with jeans and a jumper or a plain black dress and leather jacket for example.

Powder Scarf - Pippa Powder Scarf - Pippa
I find the quality of the Scarf to be exceptional, it is very well made and it is the softest Scarf I have ever tried! The knit is not overly chunky too but it is definitely not thin. It is super cosy, thick and a great size/length.
The length of the scarf is extraordinary, it can easily be wrapped multiple times around the neck or tied and left long, either way it keeps me very warm and cosy in the horrible British winter. One detail in particular that I like is the very simple but effective removable Felt brooch. It adds a touch of femininity do the masculine grey tone. I wore this Scarf yesterday while shopping in the cold and wind – it kept me warm and snugly all day, I didn’t want to take it off! I wore it with a white top, dark wash high waisted jeans and a black duffle coat. I am going to be buying my mum a scarf from Powder, I just can’t decide what yet – there is a lot of choice.

Powder Scarf - PippaThe Scarf was delivered very quickly, the only thing I was disappointed with was that my scarf wasn’t delivered with the trademark Gift bag, just in a grey postal bag. I know that this is one of the extra detail that Powder like to include and I was disappointed that mine didn’t not come with this. As they sent it to me (a blogger) to review I would have thought they would have liked to treat me as a regular paying customer and I hope that this was just a one off oversight. If you do buy one of the scarves, mittens or gloves as a gift then you should also have a gorgeous, super pretty gift bag for it! The attention to detail makes the product/brand stand out for me (as well as their unique, English heritage feel products) such as the gift bag, small labels on the scarf and the cute tag on the scarf. Overall, a gorgeous scarf that will see me through many autumn and winters – I would definitely recommend this scarf and the brand generally. The scarves, mittens and gloves would make gorgeous presents for birthdays, mothers day, valentines etc etc.

What do you think of the Pippa Scarf?

Have you bought anything from Powder UK before?

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Giveaway!! Huge Cosmetics Bundle

Hey there Guys, I have decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate me reaching 500 Followers on Bloglovin. It has been a hard struggle but I finally reached a landmark. Starting a blog is easy, Keeping people interested is the difficult part. Thinking of intriguing content and posting regularly can be a hard task and I want to thank you all for keeping by me and supporting me through my first year of blogging.

Giveaway Competition cosmetics

Fancy Winning All This

So as a thank you, I have put together this Huge Cosmetics Bundle for one of you lucky loyal followers.

Included in the bundle is as follows:

1 x Make Up Academy Eyeshadow Palette – Starry Night
1 x Keratase Cris Tal Liste Perfecting Conditioner – 75ml
1 x Balance Me Daily Essentials Face Cream – 25ml
1 x Rimmel London Blendable Powder Blush & Highlighter – 008 Spring Flower
1 x Sleek Pout Paint – Shade Pin up
1 x W7 Nail Polish – 159 Liberty
1 x Make Up Academy Mascara – Shade 5 Black
1 x Make Up Academy Intense Glitter Eyeliner – Jade Jewel
1 x Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow – Fifty Shades
1 x The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm – WaterMelon
1 x Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow – 06 Alana

Phew, Now thats a lot of products. There is something for everyone in there. So…. Fancy getting your hands on this pretty lot? Its easy, simply follow the directions below and help me increase my following further, and you never know, I may just hit another landmark and will hold another huge giveaway.

  • To be in with a chance of winning the Huge Cosmetics Bundle, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below
  • Those using multiple accounts to enter will be completely disqualified
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  • The giveaway is open to those in the UK only
  • ALL mandatory entries MUST be complete or you will be completely disqualified (Mandatory entries are the five that appear on the Rafflecopter widget before you are able to unlock any other entries.)
  • The giveaway will run from Monday 30th March 2015 until Monday 27th April 2015 12:00am GMT (One month)
  • Once the giveaway is over I will contact the winner directly via email. Once an email is sent the winner will then have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway