Sainsburys ‘Little Ones’ Club

Hey Guys, so last year when I was pregnant, I joined every baby club that Google could find including SMA, Cow & Gate, Hipp Organics, Heinz etc. But one that I joined inadvertently was the Sainsbury’s ‘Little Ones’ Club.

All you have to do is:

1. Fill in the application form and confirmation of your registration will be emailed straight to you.
2. Wait 2-3 weeks for your registration to go through, then you will receive an email letting you know your voucher is ready.
3. When you next shop at Sainsburys, swipe your nectar card and your £5 voucher will automatically print at the register.
4. Go back in store and spend your FREE £5 on the ‘Little Ones’ Range including baby wipes, nappies, toiletries and more.


Free Baby Products

When I joined the Little Ones club, I didn’t redeem my coupon purely out of accident. So I contacted Sainsburys recently and explained and they kindly posted me out a £5 gift card. Above is what I bought completely FREE! (you cant purchase the aptamil milk with the voucher but I was sent a gift card for all of Sainsburys so I picked up some formula).
Even if you don’t have a baby you could always spend it on wipes (all girls have face wipes) or pass on to a friend or why not do something kind and DONATE the products you get to a charity. Pass on the FREEBIE LOVE…….


Freebies & Competition Wins….. 19/07/2014

Hey Guys, Here is a summary of this weeks freebies haul…



First off I was sent The Betty Crocker Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix and the Chocolate Fudge Frosting. I have been asked to use these products and review on my blog. You may have seen previously that I have been sent the Wrights cake mixes and the Dr Oetker products. I will test these all at once when I host a Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning to raise some money for Macmillan.

The Pediasure Shake is from Sampleyes, It is a milk shake full of vitamins and nutrients especially formulated for fussy eaters.

The Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector cream is a win from Supersavvyme.

I received the Paco Rabanne Eau my Gold perfume sample through Boots.com as well as the Clinique Smart Face serum.

The Santa Maria Mexican Fajita mix was from Love Brands on Facebook, they periodically give freebies away.

and the Nutella Sticker was an add on from last week for my story I submitted on Nutellas story board.

The small haul of Baby freebies was from signing my Sainsbury’s nectar card up to the baby club. I received a £5 voucher which I used to purchase all of that, Not bad Eh?

Don’t forget to check out my competition for a Free Meal for 2 at Handmade Burger Co


Ecover Washing up Liquid and Multi Action Spray Review

I have received some Ecover products to test.


My favourite being the Pomegranate and Lime Washing up Liquid. I have been putting it through its paces in the family kitchen. First of all, I absolutely love the fragrance. Its fruity, uplifting and perfect for some feel good cleaning. The washing up liquid is thick and not overly runny like some of the other cheaper brands. I found that it doesn’t create a huge amount of bubbles but is still effective at cutting through grease and grime on plates, pots and pans without drying your hands out. I found that as I was using it I didn’t need to keep reapplying the washing up liquid to the sponge for it to keep cleaning effectively, which means it lasts a very long time.
This Wahing up Liquid retails at £1.50 for a 1l bottle and is worth every penny.
This Ecover washing up liquid (and other varieties) can be bought from Here or any other good retailers.


The Multi Action Cleaner Spray with a bright Lemon Scent left many surfaces throughout my home feeling both clean and shiny. It was fantastic for cleaning because it cut through grease and grime effectively in the kitchen and disinfected the bathroom. The scent was refreshing and illed my home with a clean fruity aroma. The product was definitely eco-friendly, safe and economical to use. I felt particularly safe using it on my baby’s high chair as no harsh chemicals or residue is used or left behind.
The Ecover Multi Action Spray Retails at £3.15 for a 1l Spray which is a little pricey but you get your moneys worth.
The Ecover Multi Action Spray can be purchased direct from Here, Or any other good retailers.

Thank you to Ecover for allowing me to test and review these products.


Win a Free meal for 2 at Handmade Burger Co

The nice people at Handmade Burger Co have kindly donated a voucher for a free meal for 2 at any of their restaurants.



This voucher entitles you to Two Burgers, Two Sides and Two Drinks of your choice. Perfect for a summer night out.

To enter follow the instructions below, what could be simpler.

Thank you for reading and Good Luck!!

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GlossyBox UK July Review 2014

Hi guys and welcome to this months GlossyBox Review.


Stars & Stripes July GlossyBox


As you can see, July’s GlossyBox has an American Theme to mark Independance Day. This Glossybox features all American brands.

The contents are as follows…

The Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd – Mineral Lipstick. This is a full size product and retails at £20, twice the cost of the entire box. There was 3 different shades available and mine was Mandarina which is a light red with a touch of orange. The colour isn’t really suitable for my skintone and would have preferred the Catwalk colour (pale pink).

Absolute New York – Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer. This is full size and retails at $4.99, so not very expensive. I am all about primers at the moment. I have only just discovered them and found some work really well, so to have a specific one for eyeshadow will be fun to try.

Carmex – Lip Balm. This is full size and retails at £2.69. I am familiar with this brand but not tried any products. This is the original lip balm made with beeswax. Ideal for the hot summer weather.

Color Club – Glossy Seal. This is full size and retails at $8 for 15ml. The colour is a little too dark for my liking but with the right outfit will look really nice. I’m not a huge nail polish wearer but I will give it a go.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap – Lavender Bar Soap – This is just not for me, Firstly I’m allergic to lavender and detest the smell, and secondly, its a bar of soap. not very exciting. This bar retails at £3.99 for 140g, and inside the box is approximately a fifth of that so not a high end product at all.

So in summary, July’s Glossybox is a mixed bag, here are a couple of products I’m excited to try but a couple I’m not excited about. I will keep up my subscription though and I will see you next month.


FREEBIES……… 13th July 2014

Here is a summary of this weeks freebies and competition wins…


Freebies 13/07/2104


The Nutella was a competition win from submitting a recipe idea using nutella to their stories board. http://www.nutellastories.com/en_UK/

Th Flash All Purpose Cleaner and the Special K Crisps were from Supersavvyme.co.uk

The MAC Prep and Prime Primer was an offer on their facebook page.

The Delibakes Dog Treats were on Purinas website.

I contacted MooGoo, MONU, Vita Bella and ESPA, which are all natural skincare companies. I wrote them an email explaining my skin and haircare concerns and asked if I could try their products. They Kindly each sent me out some samples of suitable products. http://www.moogooskincare.co.uk   http://www.monushop.co.uk   http://www.myvitabella.co.uk  http://www.espaskincare.com/

Last weeks Freebie Haul I didn’t have time to post….


Freebies 06/07/2014


I was contacted by Wrights and Dr Oetker asking If I would test some of their products and review on my website. I will be posting a video recipe from Dr Oetker very soon.

I contcted BullDod Skincare for Men to see if I could review their skincare range.

In this months Glamour Magazine was a Clinique Chubby Stick rrp £14 and a small sachet of Garnier Moisture Match.

From Delamere Dairy website, they was offering a voucher for a free bottle of milk.

I contacted Jurlique Skincare explaining my skincare concerns and they kindly sent me 14 samples of their range for me to try.

And John Burns sent me a few packs of dog treats to try. The Revlon eyeshadows are from an advantage card offer, £3 off any Revlon product and the eye shadows were £2.99 each.


Herbfarmacy Baby Balm Giveaway!!!……

Hey Guys, The nice people at Herbfarmacy have kindly sent me this Baby Balm to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.


A nurturing balm for the nappy area with soothing Marshmallow, anti-inflammatory Chamomile, and Chickweed to help with any itchiness. A trio of herbs from our farm to keep baby calm and happy.

How to Use: soothe and protect sensitive and irritated skin around the nappy area.

The tub is a 30g Tub which is small but a little goes a long way and retails at £8.50.

The Herbfarmacy can be purchased from HERE.

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Giveaway Ends 14th July at 12pm so please check back to see if you have won. Good Luck!


Denman Classic Grooming Brush and D3 Brush Review

Denman brushes are a trusted brand, they have been around for years grooming and caring for hair. The brushes look very classy and Posh and Denman brushes have always been the ‘Posh’ persons brush in my eyes.


I have been sent two Denman Brushes, The Denman grooming brush and the Anarkitty Special D3 brush in Gold, designed by Emma Geary aka Anarkitty. This brush is so cute, staying away from the classic black base, this brush has a Gold base. The artwork is gorgeous, adding a spark of fun and personality to the otherwise professional brush.



“The nylon pins are in a staggered formation to provide exceptional grip and control for maintaining tension on the hair while styling”. The pins are surprisingly comfortable along the hair and on the scalp and leaves my hair soft and smooth.


The Denman Grooming brush is a natural bristle brush made from boar bristle. It takes a little bit of force to get the bristles to brush properly through your hair (but it might be because I have quite thick hair). The size of the brush makes brushing your hair really quick. It has a large paddle and covers a large surface area of your hair.


The quality of the brush really shines through after using it. My hair was left feeling so healthy, soft and smooth with no fly-away strands. After using this brush for bout a week now, my hair already feeling in better condition.

The size of the brush warrants you leaving it at home as it is a little on the large side for popping in your handbag. The shape of both handles are tear drop shape allowing a firm grip and meaning you have more control when blow drying your hair.

The Denman Anarkitty D3 Brush can Be bought for £7.50 from HERE

The Grooming Boar Bristle Brush can be bought for £15.13 from HERE


Weleda Calendula Baby Range Review

Weleda Calendula Baby Range. “A nappy change cream that soothes soreness with natural ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, and calendula oil”.


The Weleda Baby Range

Free from chemical nasties, Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream is a lanolin, calendula oil, and beeswax rich cream that is quickly absorbed and will soothe an angry rash. Nothing looks more painful than a little babies bottom covered in an angry rash, but it can be hard to find a nappy cream that soothes and protects that delicate skin as quickly as you would like. Step forward Weleda Baby Range. This is free from chemicals and is full of healing plant based natural ingredients like beeswax, lanolin and calendula oil. This cream has won lots of awards, including one from the rigorous and highly respected midwife tested TIPS awards. it is also recommended by 70% of midwives in Germany where Weleda is based.


The Weleda Baby Range

Weleda products have an excellent reputation and the company is renowned for being environmentally and ethically sound. The Nappy Change Cream has a lovely scent and is easy to apply to a wriggly baby, It absorbs quickly and seems to soothe and soreness fairly quickly. Although the tube is handy, the cream can separate a bit when squeezed out, so you get a little squirt of oil before the cream itself. It is quite pricey at £6 a tube but a little really does go a long way.

The Moisturising Baby Cream was useful for my baby’s sensitive, eczema prone skin. Along with the Calendula Lotion the Weleda products soothed and moisturised my baby’s skin. soothing the irritation and calming the red angry sores. They are a handy almost essential addition to any changing bag.

The full range of Weleda Calendula Baby Range can be Found Here.

Thank you to Weleda for allowing to test and review these products.


Nair Argan Oil Hair Removal Review

I have been given the opportunity to try a full size sample of Nairs new hair removal products. The new products are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and coconut butter, as well as being suitable for use in the shower and leaving skin feeling softer and smoother. But does it really work? IMG_1842 Ladies who have tried hair removal creams will know that ‘Shower Creams’ rarely ever stay on in the shower, not if you plan to stand under water. Also Nair Products are not known for their pleasant scent. So lets start there, How does it smell? This cream features a patented ‘odour control technology’ and although dubious, I opened the packed and took a whiff. and I have to say it is very pleasant. The lovely oils in the cream are working to give the cream a lovely scent. I have tried this product twice and I was really eager to try it in the shower to see if it really was the ‘Shower Power’ it claimed to be. The instructions say to apply the cream 1-2 minutes before entering the shower and when in the shower to avoid excessive exposure to water to the areas you have applied the cream. I did as instructed and amazingly the cream stayed put. For applying the product you are provided with a spatula which is the perfect shape for application and has an almost razor edge for great close removal. It really is useful in making the whole process mess free.

IMG_1843 IMG_1844 I used this product on my legs as it is easier for me to shave my underarms, but it is suitable for the bikini line and underarm areas. The bottle is 200ml which I think will do approximately 3 rounds of hair removal on legs alone. I have found that Nair products always work well in terms of hair removal and this one is no different. It left my skin feeling soft and moisturised as well as hair free. I don’t think I got 7 days of smoothness out of it but I guess it all depends how quickly your hair grows. Now for the Waxing Kit. I prefer to home wax as I don’t like the idea of visiting salons for intimate things like this. The Nair Argan Oil Roll on Wax Kit has everything you need to get you going. The kit is really easy to use and comes with comprehensive instructions. The process of actuall waxing was very easy too, you literally roll on the wax (the top of the wax system has a very large roller), apply your strip then rip it off. The fragrance of the wax smelt amazing, it is like sweet honey with a hint of orange. The box, in my opinion, doesn’t come with enough strips. It states that they are washable but I couldn’t use, wash, dry and re-use them that quickly, so keep in mind you will have to purchase extra strips along with the kit. I have found I really like these products, they smell much better than previous Nair products and are suitable for sensitive skin which is perfect for me.

The Nair Argan Oil Shower Cream 200ml Can be Purchased from HERE

The Nair Argan Oil Roll on Wax Kit Can be Purchased from HERE

Thank you to Nair and Lisa Bickerstaffe for allowing me to review these products.