You Beauty Discovery October Review

You Beauty Discovery October

You Beauty Discovery October

Hey Guys, Last month I told you about my new love of You Beauty Discovery. The Box only costs £6.95 with no postage fees. You choose two products from the selection available. This month I was straight on it, The first of October I was on the You Beauty Discovery‘s website perusing the selection. I was drawn to two products in particular.

Wild about Beauty Eyeshadow

Wild about Beauty Eyeshadow

Wild About Beauty – Powder Eye-shadow  £13 – So straight of the bat this little eye-shadow is worth twice the price of the entire box so it is definitely good value for money. I love this eye-shadow, it is in a nude chocolate colour. The pigmentation isn’t the strongest but can easily be built up for a more dramatic look. The small compact mirror is definitely handy and the bee design on the eye-shadow is cute as can be.

Me Me Me - Cherub's Blush

Me Me Me – Cherub’s Blush

Me Me Me – Cherub’s Blush Cheek and Lip Tint £5.50 – Now I have never seen an item like this before so I chose purely out of curiosity. This is a lip and cheek tint, I immediately thought blusher, but no, not quite. It is in liquid form with a nail polish brush applicator. The colour is intense when applied and you have to be quick blending it out but it leaves a really nice tone, giving a rosy flushed look to your cheeks. I haven’t quite mastered the technique of applying but I’m pleased with the results so far.

Gold Collagen Forte

Gold Collagen Forte

Gold Collagen Forte – £3.99 50ml – This is a liquid food supplement with collagen, resveratrol,evening primrose oil, borage oil, L-carnosine,hyaluronic acid, N-acetylglucosamine, piper nigrum, I know, I don’t understand any of that either. This Drink has all of the ingredients to help anti-ageing. You drink one bottle a day to supply your body with all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to battle the ageing process. This was an extra in my box.

CowShed Anti-ageing perfecting night serum

CowShed Anti-ageing perfecting night serum

CowShed – Anti-Ageing Perfecting Night Serum – £48 30ml – This was a freebie in my box, It is an anti-aging serum as the title suggests. This was only a 2ml sample so I can’t give a full review of it, needless to say it like any other serum in texture and easy to apply. I would like to test the full size bottle.

I am very happy with my You Beauty Discovery box again. I love the price and the quality of items you receive. I’m looking forward to next month already.

Have you tried You Beauty Discovery?


Review: NSPA Pampering Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Scrub

NSPA Pampering Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Scrub

NSPA Pampering Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Scrub

NSPA is a UK based brand created by Nirvana Day Spa which offers a number of products in three ranges; Skincare, Bathing and hair. Despite the expensive looking branding it is exclusive to ASDA and available for a small price. The Body Polish is a clear gel like formula filled with little grains of walnut shell. I wet my skin, apply the polish and rub into my skin in small circular motions. The gel is very abrasive, which I like and is the most effective when used like this. The NSPA Body Polish leaves the skin free of dead skin cells so it looks bright, smooth and perfected and leaves your skin feeling super soft. This is down to the Jojoba and Rose Hip Oil and sandalwood essential oil. Not only do they help to soften the skin but the scent is just amazing.


Although this product is great for ex-foliating and renewing dead cells, it is quite harsh on super sensitive skin like mine. The scrub left my skin a little red and irritable but once calmed, my skin was beautifully soft and smooth. This is a great product for anyone with ‘normal’ to dry skin and is worth every penny of its very inexpensive price tag.

NSPA Pampering Jojoba & White Jasmine Soothing Body Scrub retails at £4.95 for a 200ml tub which is excellent value. This is a great product for anyone with ‘normal’ to dry skin and is worth every penny of its very inexpensive price tag.

Have you Tried any of the NSPA Range? What are Your Thoughts?


GlossyBox October Review 2014

Hello Guys and welcome to my review of the Octobers edition of GlossyBox. I am loving GlossyBox more and more these days, it may be down to the poor efforts f other beauty boxes I am subscribed to but GlossyBox doesn’t ever seem to disappoint.

This months theme is a Limited Edition ‘POP ART’ Design. I love the bright colours and the specially designed artwork for GlossyBox.

Pop Art Design GlossyBox October

Don’t you just love the bright colours and the qwerky design. Its a shame there’s no way to display these.

So lets take a peek inside shall we and see what goodies are available this month.


GlossyBox October

Nuxe Creme Fraiche De Beaute Mask – Full Size 50ml £19.50 – This is a 24hr moisturising mask which hydrates and soothes the skin, instantly reducing redness and discomfort. skin is left feeling radiant and relaxed. I love the idea of this mask, £19.50 is rather expensive in my opinion so I expect good results from this product.

Etre Belle Cosmetics – Uplift Peel – Full Size 15ml E12.95 – Get replenished and defined lips in an instant with this moisturising lip exfoliator. LIP EXFOLIATOR??!! I have never heard of a lip exfoliator in  my life. It removes dead skin cells, refining the skins surface for perfectly soft lips. Hmmmm i’m dubious but I look forward to testing this out.

So Susan – Flutter Mascara – Full Size £14.95 – I have had this mascara in a previous GlossyBox and I have gotta say, I love it. I am now a huge fan of So Susan thanks to Glossy Box and trust the brand implicitly.

Ciate London – Point Pot – Full Size 13.5ml £9 – Ciate is another one of those brands where you just trust what they do. The colour they sent me isn’t what I would have chosen from their range but would be perfect for tips in a manicure or for a ‘retro’ sort of look. Either way, I love this rand and am glad to have it in my collection.

Yves Rocher France – Quelques Notes D’Amore – 5ml Sample – (full size £30 33ml) – This is a beautifully sized sample and the frangrance is divine. It is a little strong for me as I prefer more sweet scents, although this has floral undertones it has a hint of musk to it, I know someone who will snatch this off me, that’s if I don’t warm up to it myself, the more I smell it the more I like it.

Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte – 8ml Sample (full size £6.99 30ml) – I have used this foundation in the past, It gives a nice even coverage without being heavy and blocking your pores. I would have liked a bigger sample but I happy for this to be included.

As you can see, not a bad collection, 6 Items, 4 FULL SIZE and 2 sample sizes. The contents of the box retail and over £60!!! Not bad eh?! Especially when you are only paying £10 per box. I am Loving GlossyBox more and more, you definitely get value for money but I am trying products I would never have thought to try before.

If you are interested in joining GlossyBox, Please Use referral Link  http://www.glossybox.co.uk/referal?CI=MTY2NDY0  To accumulate ‘glossydots’ towards a free box.

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? What do you think?



Love Me Beauty Box September 2014

If you are subscribed to LoveMeBeauty you will be aware that they have recently changed their entire concept. The previous concept was that they provided you with 3 different menus of beauty products for you to select. You choose with one of the 3 menus you would like, select and it is then sent to you. Now, without telling anyone, They changed how they do thing. You are now allocated 6 ‘Credits’. These credits can then be ‘spent’ of items from the selection available. It is, as they say, to allow customers to have optimum control over what they receive. The credits can be spent in the following ways; 2 Credits can be exchanged for a full size product, and 1 credit for a travel size or sample sized product.

I was very sceptical to say the least, I LOVED the previous system and I raved about it to every one I know. But As I had already paid for the month, I thought I would at least give it a go. This is What I received:

Love Me Beauty September

Love Me Beauty September

So as you can see, I chose 5 different products for my 6 credits. 4 items cost me 1 credit and 1 product was 2 credits.

Oriflame BB Cream

Oriflame BB Cream

Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream – This cost me 2 credits, I chose this as I am a HUGE fan of BB cream in general. This is from Oriflame, A brand I am very familiar with. This is a 30ml bottle which is full size. The squeezy tubes are the easiest way to get all of the product out so its also economical. You dont get to choose a shade as they say one colour fits all. The colour is very similar to my skin tone which is brilliant.

Murad T-Zone Pure Refining Serum

Murad T-Zone Pure Refining Serum

Murad T-Zone Pure Refining Serum – This was 1 Credit – I was very disappointed in this sample size (3ml), don’t get me wrong, the product is excellent and works very well but there just isn’t enough of it. I have received bigger samples through the post then this that I have paid for.

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator – 1 Credit – I chose this as again I love the brand and trust the products but, as stated previously, the sample size was horrendous at only 7ml.

Nail Girls 'Nude' Nail Polish

Nail Girls ‘Nude’ Nail Polish

Nail Girls ‘Nude’ Nail Polish – Full Size 10ml – This only cost me one credit which I was happy about, The colour was perfect for me and I love the brand Nail Girls.

Skin Perfecting Primer Absolute Bronzing Boost

Skin Perfecting Primer Absolute Bronzing Boost

Skin Perfecting Primer Absolute Bronzing Boost – 1 Credit – I chose this as I had never seen a product like this before. It is in a pump bottle, and is a liquid bronzer/primer. When applied, it is very dark and a slight orange but when blended out (an you really have to blend it out), It gives a natural tan like tone to your skin.

So as you can, A mixed bag this month, It may be because I Loved the previous system so much that I am slightly disappointed with this one. Although on the flip side, they do have some brilliant products available for a variety of people and many reviews have been super positive.

If You would like to join LoveMeBeauty  Then use code R43H59 to receive and extra Credit to spend.


You Beauty Discovery Box September

Hello Guys, as you probably know, I am a HUGE fan of subscription boxes, I love the idea of receiving little gifts (sometimes unknown) once a month. I have tried Birch Box, Glossy Box, Love Me Beauty and now You Beauty Discovery. Ths box is by far the cheapest at only £6.95 a month with free p&p which is always a bonus. The concept of this box is that you choose 2 items from the selection available and they will send out immediately, with a few little extras thrown in.

Here is my Box for September;

You Beauty Discovery September

You Beauty Discovery September

As you can see, You do get quite a lot for £6.95. I was amazed at the value of items.

Toni & Guy Plumping Whip

Toni & Guy Plumping Whip

Toni & Guy Plumping Whip – this retails at £7.19 which is immediately more than the cost of the box. I have to say I didn’t choose this, This is an added extra to celebrate You Beauty Discovery’s Birthday. It is a product I am very keen to try.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette – These 50ml Shampoo and Conditioners retail at £1.99 each and are perfect travel size for holidays, going away or a generous amount if you are just trying something new. I am a lover of John Frieda and glad this was on offer.

Wild About Beauty Lipstick - Violet

Wild About Beauty Lipstick – Violet

Wild About Beauty Lipstick – Violet – Cost £15!! Now I chose this lipstick with the view of re-gifting it. The colour ‘Violet’ seriously put me off as I assumed it would be of a more purple tone. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this and it was more of a nude peach/pink colour. The shade is very misleading but on this occasion I was extremely happy.

Extras in You Beauty Discovery Box

Extras in You Beauty Discovery Box

Extras – And now for the extras – As well as the Toni & Guy Plumping whip, In this box are a few added treats, There are 2 Crabtree and Evelyn Teabags – Blackberry Green Tea and Afternoon Tea, A £25 Voucher for Hello Fresh, and a small Make-up Sponge which is a brilliant essential.

Overall I love this box, It is amazing value and I will definitely be keeping up the subscription.

Have you tried You Beauty Discovery before? What are your thoughts?


Give Away!! Set of 4 Sparkly Glitter Glasses

Hey Guys, So, I think it is about time to host another Give Away!

Beautiful Glitter Glasses

Beautiful Glitter Glasses

The nice people at Sparkly Glitter Glasses have kindly donated these beautiful Purple and Pink Glitter Glasses. There are 2 Tumbler Glasses and 2 Long HiBall Glasses.

IMG_2198 IMG_2199

These are sure to brighten up any Occasion, or What about gifting as a Christmas gift? These are perfect no matter what the occasion.

These Glasses retail at £25! and can be yours Complete Free. Just follow the Instructions below.

The glitter is Sealed and is safe to use with drinks. Handwash only in warm soapy water.

The competition Runs from the 13th October until the 28th October. Uk entries only. Good Luck!

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Review: Freemans Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar

Freeman’s Facial Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask

If your feeling stressed and looking for some pampering time, you might want to try a nice affordable facial mask.

I have found that products that contain clay work extremely well for my oily skin, because clay really absorbs oil, and has a way of extracting the oil in my skin deep in my pores.

Freeman's Facial Mask - Charcoal and Black Sugar

Freeman’s Facial Mask – Charcoal and Black Sugar

The product itself is a dark black gel texture with ex-foliating crystals in it (which I thought was strange for a mask).

It is thick in consistency but breaks down and becomes easily spreadable once worked with a little. The granules are medium sized, medium sized, not super fine but not as big as found in regular ex-foliators.

Freeman's Facial Mask - Charcoal and Black Sugar

Freeman’s Facial Mask – Charcoal and Black Sugar

This is a warming mask, so you do feel a slight warming sensation upon first contact with your skin. The warming fades out pretty quickly (about 60 seconds for me) but when warm it feels pleasant (just a note to say it never gets TOO warm, you will not get burned and there’s no stinging).

After using this mask I can say that my face feels smoother and a bit brighter. I have noticed that the charcoal and kaolin in this mask do a great job at ex-foliating the oils from my pores without overly stripping my skin. My face never felt dry, tight or irritated after using this mask. I also noticed my make-up applied smoother after using this mask. I suffer with adult acne and was pleased to say that the mask did not cause any breakouts nor irritated any breakouts I already had.

This Freeman’s Facial Polishing Mask for me is a top notch exfoliator/mask I’ve tried in quite a long time. I like the level of exfoliation in this mask. The sugar granuals dissolve at just the right rate, not too early and not too late. It is a mask that is easy to apply and easy to remove. It does leave my skin soft and fresh and didn’t cause and irritation. Overall this is an excellent mask and definitely worth a try.

Have you tried the Freeman Facial Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask? If so, What are your thoughts?

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Review: Gousto Food Subscription Box

Recently there are a lot of Subscription services floating about, some more successful than others. The latest craze is Food Subscription boxes. The popularity of boxes such as DegustaBox is astounding. The idea of getting a box of randomly chosen food items delivered to your door just didnt appeal to me. So when GOUSTO was recommended to me, I thought I would give it a go.

Every Week, 10 different healthy and delicious Recipes are on offer, All you have to do is simply choose your 3 favourite meals from the list and how many people they are for. It will then calculate the costs. Select which day of the week you would like your food to be delivered, then that’s it! Simply sit back and wait for all of the ingredients to be delivered.

When my box arrived I was so excited and I have to say, very impressed. Not only do you get the main ingredients i.e. Meat, Fish, Vegetables etc, you also get everything down to the little spices and condiments you will need for seasoning and sauces, all cleverly measured out so no faffing is needed. The only thing that is required is salt and pepper and maybe a dollop of butter for mash, but all of that is to your own tastes.

So Here is my Box I received:


Excuse the Lighting, I photographed the products in the evening just before I started cooking.

The 3 recipes I chose were:

1. Prawn Linguini with an Anchovy, Onion and Garlic sauce

2. Sticky Hoisin Pork with a Cucumber Pickle and Potato Wedges

3. Parmesan Encrusted Pork with Parsnip Mash and Cavolo Nero.

As you can see, GOUSTO provide everything you will need as well as a step-by-step recipe card with pictures so you know you are doing it right (which personally for me is a god send).

The first meal I cooked was the Prawn Linguini as the prawns had the shortest best before date. It required quite a bit of prep but it was really simple to make and tasted absolutely delicious.


Presentation isn’t my forte but you get the general idea. The recipe was robust enough to satisfy myself and my partner and was so tasty, I will definitely be making this again.

If you are interested in signing up to GOUSTO Use the code   EMMA13105    to receive £20 OFF your first Box!!!

Have you tried Gousto before? What are your thoughts?


Review: Make Up Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer Velvet Rebel

Make Up Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Velvet Rebel

I’m not much of a lipstick type of girl, I mainly opt for lip glosses. My pale skin doesn’t accommodate vivid lip colours very well. But I was excited to try the new Make Up Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in ‘Velvet Rebel’. The product costs only £3.00 so it is definitely affordable and a lovely product for your handbag. It can be purchased from the Make Up Revolutions Website or Online and In store at Superdrug.

Make Up Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer Velvet Rebel

Velvet Rebel is a gorgeous deep blood toned red colour. It is very glossy when applied and I found it to be a little sticky until it completely dried. The texture is vey buttery to apply. The pigmentation is amazingly intense and is perfect for a dramatic look but can be blended out if subtlety is your thing. I do struggle to apply lipsticks and lacquers neatly as the intense colours highlight and unsteadiness and imperfections, so a little concentration is needed.

Make Up Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer Velvet Rebel

As for wear time, i was very impressed. As long as you are not smooching a lot or drinking from cups and glasses excessively then the lip lacquer lasted for approximately 6 hours which in my eyes was excellent. I found the lacquer to be nourishing on my lips, almost like i was wearing a balm underneath. Another plus point was that I personally found it to be waterproof. I didn’t have the dreaded ‘lipstick on the teeth’ scenario, and when i did eat or drink, it didn’t rub off easily.

Overall I would say that this is a great product. I love the formula and although the shade wasn’t quite right for me, I am looking forward to trying lighter shades like ‘Have you all my Love’, and ‘What I Believe’.

Have you tried the Make Up Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer? What are your thoughts?

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Review: Denman Tangle Smoother

Denman Tangle Smoother

Since trying the Denman Tangle Teezer, I have been a convert. That has now become a staple in my hair care routine. I have tried other brushes but always come back to it. It is one brush i have been confident in caring for my hair.

So when I was offered the Denman Tangle Smoother to review I was naturally excited to try and see how it compares to the Tangle Teezer.

I guess you could say the Smoother is the adult version of the Tamer. While the Tamer is all about soft nylon bristles, this one uses metal pins to work its way through the tangles.

Denman Tangle Smoother

The base of the brush is padded, which offers a degree of movement when you are using the smoother, however I wouldn’t approach brushing your hair with gusto when it comes this brush as the metal pins do not offer the give of the nylon and therefore you could be in for quite an ‘ouch’ moment if you decide to brush from root to tip and hit a large tangle or knot along the way.

Denman Tangle Smoother – Metal Pins

For this brush to work most effectively, the best way is to brush from the ends of your hair in small sections at a time, in doing this, it works very quickly through and large or small tangles you may have.

The uses for this brush are varied, with it making a great volume adding brush, as it only needs a gentle push back and forth, where those with bendable bristles often need a lot more pressure to work anywhere near as well.

Going almost hand in hand with the volume addition, is the fact that this makes a wonderful brush to use if you like a head massage. Once again the metal pins mean that you can gently massage your scalp, applying as much pressure as feels right for you, while the bendable bar of the pins allows it to slightly move and give around the shape of your scalp.

For me this is definitely a must have brush for any collection and coming in at £10.18 – with the amount of different uses you can get from it, it really doesn’t break the bank.

The Denman Tangle smoother can be purchased from HERE

What do you think of the Denman Tangle Smoother? Is it in your collection yet?

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